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Psychological Review of Prescription Drugs and Violence

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Essay Preview: Psychological Review of Prescription Drugs and Violence

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There are many who feel that medications, especially antidepressants, are a direct result of anti-social, violent, homicidal and suicidal behaviors. There are also many who believe that these medications do nothing more than help a person get back on the right track so that they can live their life to the fullest without anxiety, depression and mood swings getting in the way. Research will prove that certain medications have addicting effects and can often lead to unexpected and undesired behaviors in many patients leading to a result that can sometimes be dangerous and even lethal.

When talk first arose about antidepressants and a variety of other medications leading to violent behaviors, suicidal tendencies and even homicide, the FDA shook their heads in denial. Many people, particularly parents, continued to complain that thoughts of suicide seemed to increase in their children after being exposed to medication for depression. Even though increased thoughts of depression is listed as a side effect on a number of different medications, opposing the thought seemed good at the time to both doctors and the FDA.

In 2004, however, the FDA took a different stance and regretfully decided that in conclusion with a variety of evidence, they must agree that suicidal thoughts in youngsters increases with the use of antidepressants. This did not mean that these drugs would be banned by any means. Instead, prescriptions would come with a pamphlet stating the warnings and side effects as well as to be explained by a doctor upon handing out the prescription. While this was approved for antidepressants, there were still a number of other medications in question.

Though many have been made aware of the increased thoughts of suicide that may go hand in hand with antidepressants, there might very well be another side to antidepressants and various other medications that continues to be denied. Many skeptics have laid claim to the fact that certain medications may actually lead to aggressive and even homicidal behaviors in patients both younger and older. When comparing factual statements from patients, victims and doctors, it seems as though these claims could possibly be found conclusive.

Malaria, which is transmitted through mosquito bites in tropical areas, is a parasitic disease that poses to be life threatening. In 2002, Fort Bragg experienced four tragedies within a six week time frame. Four soldiers took it upon themselves to murder their wives and three of them then killed themselves. Investigators initially reported that although this was tragic, it was the outcome of marital problems and separation anxiety. However, upon closer inspection it was discovered that the men had been taking an anti-malaria drug known as Malaria.

Once this fact was brought to attention, other reports about behavioral issues and Lariam were then looked at closely and with much more concern. After being questioned about possible side effects, many soldiers reported that they had a variety of nicknames for the days that they were on these drugs such as "Manic Mondays" or "Wild Wednesday". The insanity that they felt while on this medication was outstanding. Wives reported that their husbands seemed to become hateful and angry towards them. There have also been more reported cases of suicides after people had taken Lariam.

Although many people find themselves in shock over the horrifying stories that these patients and victims have had to tell, they're still not overly concerned since the possibility of being put on an anti-malaria drug in the United States is fairly slim. If, however, you were to point out that there are several common drugs which have mirrored the effects of Lariam, they might have a different point of view. Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft are often prescribed to patients in order to treat depression and Ritalin and Concerta for (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). People are commonly diagnosed with ADHD and depression on a regular basis. Therefore,



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