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Chocolate World Oc

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                    Chocolate World OC     Jorsh Kan       2017/2/27

Hungry and weak, I walk around the road of my neighborhood without any money to buy food to eat. Ever since my parent’s business failed, my days of having a great life have change into a survival just to stay alive. It was hard to get money as I was just a child that couldn’t find a job that fit me, and my parents went to find a new job leaving me back home. In this society, our life become worse as the economy was not good as we were just a small island.

There were many families in the island that faced economic failure and lack of money to buy necessary supplies to feed their own family, and we were one of them. But there were few neighbors that has the money to feed their family, and willing to lend help to anyone necessary. I didn’t know that, as I went to sit on a bench in the park of the town. There weren’t many people that comes to the park, neither so much children coming to it too. I sat there with my stomach growling for food to eat, but I couldn’t as there was no money for me to spend. I haven’t eaten any food since our family business failed 7 days ago, As my stomach keeps growling, I keep on thinking thoughts that help me ignore hunger. Then one of our neighbors came to the park, with a bag of food going back the way of their home. I didn’t go to ask anything, but only said good morning to them. They replied with another good morning back to me, it was only then one of the family member saw that I was way too thin as a normal person. They ask if I have eaten any food since the few days, I replied with a no as I was weak and hungry to say anything more. Then they took out a five-dollar cash from their wallet and gave it to me. They said, “It’s better to get something to eat than just not eating anything, if you needed help, you can always ask for some.” I was so grateful for them and thank them for their help, and I went off to the mall to buy something to eat.

After I find the mall, I went around for a while. The product in the mall were, however, expensive. The only problem is that I only have five dollars to buy one thing, but then I saw something that caught my eye. Something that is tasty, brown and always the favorite of all children; the chocolate bars, for only five dollars. So, I bought it with my dollars as I grab the chocolate bar in my arm as if I was holding a teddy bear in it. I went back home then to try out the chocolate bar that I bought back from the mall, I took a bite of the chocolate bar and at that moment, I felt the taste of delicious taste and the world of chocolate that flows in my mind. I was so attracted to the taste, that I eat the chocolate continuously until I finished all of it. I was so happy then, when I finished the chocolate and was only full of chocolate mind as I continue my childhood life.



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