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Christian - Prophecy of God's Salvation

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Before the birth of Jesus Christ, the nation of Israel was under the rule of the Roman Empire, and the people of God longed for the early coming of the Messiah, which was anointed by God, to save them from overthrowing the rule of the Roman Empire. However, God sent Christ to the purpose of the world: to save all human beings living in sin, to be forgiven through Christ's salvation, to return to God, to enjoy God's salvation. In the praises, Zechariah predicted to the Israelites that God's salvation was about to come, and predicted that his son John was the pioneer of the road to prepare the way before the Lord. The prophecy of Zechariah is divided into the following two parts:

I. Prophecy of God's salvation: Zechariah is about to step down as a priest, and he saw a vision when he entered the temple to burn incense. In the vision, the angel tells him that he will be old, because Zechariah is doubtful and unbelievers, and becomes dumb and cannot speak. When John the Baptist was born, Zechariah named his son, and his mouth finally spoke. He opened his mouth and praised God. Why did he thank and praise God when he opened his mouth? Because he knows that God's salvation is about to come, he can see the coming of the Savior sent by God in his lifetime. How did he predict God's salvation?

1. Thank God for your care: [Luke 1:68] The Lord God of Israel is to be praised, because he cares for his people, and when Zechariah speaks, he praises God's favor for the Israeli elect. The Israelites believed that they were suffering under the oppression of foreigners, and God would care for their people to redeem their people, so God is a god worthy of praise. In the history of Israel's disobedience, God's chosen people often ungrate and forsake the Lord God to worship and serve idols. However, when they confess their sins to the Lord, God still cares and pity them. [Isaiah 54:8] My anger is overflowing, and I will hide my face in an instant, but I will pity you with eternal love. This is what the Lord your Redeemer says. Thank God, because the God we believe in is full of forgiveness, God's care and mercy, so that we can stand before the holy Lord. Dear co-workers, brothers and sisters: When you run the road, you will be weak, fall, and sometimes discouraged, and sometimes even fall into sin. If it is not God's care and conservatism, who can we win? Thank God for caring for our weakness and for ignoring all lost souls. Therefore, you and I often thank and praise God for our care.

2. Looking up to God's redemption: [Luke 1:68] The God of the Lord Israel is to be praised, ... to redeem them. In the prophecy, Zechariah not only thanked God for his kindness to the elect, but also praised God's redemption of the elect. What does God's redemption for the electorate mean? [Luke 1:69] In the house of his servant David, the corner of salvation was raised for us. The "corner of salvation" was translated into "the Almighty Savior" in the translation of Modern Chinese. The “corner of salvation” that God raised for the people of Israel refers to Jesus Christ. Zechariah can see God's salvation in his lifetime - the Christ sent by God is about to come to the world, and he gives thanks and praise to God for this. God also prophesied through the prophets: [Luke 1:70] As the Lord said through the mouth of the Holy Prophet since the creation of the world, Zechariah stated in the carol that the birth of Christ was not only from God. The electorate raised the "corner of salvation" and fulfilled the prophecy of God through the prophets of the Old Testament. However, the Redeemer whom the Israelites looked for was only to save them from the rule of the Roman Empire. [Lk 1:71] Save us from the hands of the enemy and all who hate us; the Israelites do not understand God’s independence. The birth of Jesus Christ, the birth of Jesus Christ, is to be the Redeemer of the world, to save the living man who lives in sin, and to believe in Christ Jesus, not to perish, but to eternal life. [Matthew 1:21] She will have a son, and you will call him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins. People can't get rid of the bondage of sin by themselves, and people can't change their old life and old temperament. Only Christ can change us. There is a "Yu Dao Story":

It is said that Darwin, the founder of the theory of evolution, traveled to South America when he traveled to South America. He saw the natives living there in a barbaric life, naked, living in mountain caves, eating and killing people. When he saw this situation, he concluded: "This primitive nation, if it is to evolve like us, will take at least a century." After 30 years, when he passed the Savage Island, he found that the people there were gentle and elegant. The temperament is kind, polite, and the original barbaric habits are nothing, but become a civilized person. After inquiring, I learned that some Christian missionaries risked their lives, passed the gospel to them, and led them to believe in the Lord Jesus. Therefore, the life and atmosphere of the people of the whole island changed so fast, so good and shocked him. Admire. Today, you and me, because of the redemption of Christ, have changed our lives, as Paul said: "This gospel is the power of God, to save all who believe."

3. God's mercy: God sent his beloved son to redeem his chosen people, and also to fulfill his covenant with Abraham to show his mercy. [Lk 1:72-73] Pity to our fathers, remembering his covenant, is his oath to our father Abraham, God and Abraham made a covenant, not only to let his electorate Israel It is God's mercy and redemption that makes God's nations all blessed by your descendants, and is blessed by God (Gen. 22:16-18). This descendant is pointing to Jesus Christ. Although people have compassion, they cannot compare with God's mercy. There is a "Yu Dao Story":

There was a warrior in the United States who called his parents from San Francisco after participating in the battle: "Dad, mother, I am going home." His parents were very happy to hear the information. The son told them to bring a friend back home, and the parents agreed. The son said: "My friend was injured in the battle, lost one hand and one leg. He has nowhere to go. I hope he will live with us for a long time." His parents heard this and thought it was accepted. Disabled soldiers will refuse to give them a lot of trouble in their later life. A few days later, the San Francisco Police Department called and said: "Your son has committed suicide by jumping off the building."



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