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Spirituality in Christian Counseling

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Essay Preview: Spirituality in Christian Counseling

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Spirituality in Counseling1.


Spirituality in Christian Counseling

Liberty University Online

Coun 506

Dr. Steve Johnson

Vernon Langley

May 6, 2011

Spirituality in Counseling2.


Dr McMinn's Psychology Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling; emphasizes the importance of religion in the Therapy, with a focus of what happens behind the closed doors of many counseling offices. Concerning the integration of psychology and Christianity, McMinn uses the professional background in therapy and offers several ideas on how to best incorporate his theories on the integration of spirituality in the counseling office. Dr. McMinn believes that all practicing psychologist should emphasis trust between the therapist and client which will aid in the long term relationship between the client and therapist. (McMinn 1996 p13) says that most people seeking counseling are not looking for a specific set of techniques but for a relationship with someone who has values they respect. He also explains that some of the stauncher Christian counselors, seldom if ever look to psychology for answers in their sessions with clients. This book has helped fill a void. McMinn stresses the use of the bible, Gods Word in counseling and much prayer with the client, he also advises practitioners to practice this concept in therapy. McMinn (1996) believes those who pray often tend to experience more purpose in life, greater marital satisfaction, religious satisfaction, and a general sense of well-being. But today's counselors don't seem to think that the bible is relevant and will not support their counseling session, McMinn in his theory's try's to right this misconception, and turn the therapist values and attentions back to the Word of God. McMinn (1996) also stress that the therapist use of silent prayer during counseling sessions can help themselves through difficult and stressful times at work. He also believes that to be effective, one must acknowledge that counseling reflects his or her spiritual life, it reflects his or her education, and it will reflect his or her experiences.

Spirituality in Counseling3.

The question for the therapist to pray in a session with the client, or allow the client to give their testimony is a process that can have many variables. McMinn (1996) the kind of therapeutic relationships that foster healing are not formed merely



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