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Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women

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Essay Preview: Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women

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Pelvic congestion syndrome is becoming an increasingly recognized cause of chronic pelvic pain. It is a condition that is associated with pelvic varicosities (lower abdomen and groin) that is present in women with unexplained pelvic pain. This syndrome causes constant pelvic pressure and heaviness. Pelvic congestion syndrome is a condition with no cure, causing many women much grief with life altering symptoms, and has created much of a debate in the medical field over the cause and a cure.

No one really knows why the varicose veins develop or the best treatment for it. I have been dealing with pelvic congestion syndrome for almost two years now and it is very frustrating when my internet research has taught me more than what the many doctors I have seen know about it. I have read that the varicose veins are believed to have developed during pregnancy however; this is an unstable statement because there are cases in women who have never been pregnant. The varicose veins are very similar to the condition of varicose veins in the legs. The functions of the valves in the veins malfunction and prevent backflow of the blood. This causes the blood to pool, causing the veins to become engorged and it basically irritates the uterus, fallopian tubes, etc.

My pain is of a varying severity. Common complaints are tenderness to touch in the lower abdomen, pain during intercourse, painful menstrual periods, backaches, problems with standing, sitting, feelings of a general lethargy, and nerve pains in the legs and feet. While many women have these engorged veins in their pelvic region it is estimated that only 30% of women will experience any type of pain in their life. Out of that 30% I would say that probably only half experience a severe degree of pain.



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