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Civil War Case

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When a person looks at all causes of the Civil War and how it was supposed to be a huge fight to end slavery and to help the African Americans have a better life than the one that hey where living it was not at all as simple as everyone determined it to be. When you investigate all the causes of the Civil War you always come back to the subject of slavery, in amongst the five causes of the civil war you will find that these reasons are not at all separate from slavery. But when looking at it in all different directions you'll see that all areas are central to being even in the fact that the Northern colonies had people that were considered free labor and in the Southern colonies it was all slave labor where they had no rights at all. In this paper I will touch on a few different areas of concern when it came down to the topic of slavery the first that I will go over is how the cotton gin affected the slavery.

When you think of all the crops that were readily produced in the early times of life you will see that the crop of cotton was not considered to be a great crop because the colonists felt that it was too hard to make woven thread out of the cotton itself. When the Revolutionary War was about to come to a close they started producing a cotton that was called Sea Island cotton which was found up and down the southern coastline. This cotton was considered to be a better crop because the cotton seeds were a lot better to de shell. Around the same time period the number of slaves had increased dramatically to numbers in the half million areas. The southern colonies now had to depend on the slaves to run the mills that produces the cotton. To grow and harvest the huge cotton crops it required a huge amount of people to work doing all the planting, picking, and harvesting of the cotton. Therefore the southern colonists had to purchase the workers in order to get all the work done that was needed to be done. The inventor of the cotton gin was named Eli Whitney and he was born on December fifth seventeen sixty five. He resided in his house located in the state of Massachusetts .also when he was very small he had shown his parents that he had a real talent working with mechanical things. When he was ten years old Eli Whitney decided to actually try to start a business of his very own, he started to make nails because these items were so very rare in the war he really made good money making them and selling them to everyone. But this only lasted until the actual war had ended then England started distributing cheaper made nails which caused everyone to purchase these instead of Eli Whitney so at this time he decided to learn how to produce pins that were made for hats , they were considered a big hit and they were considered to be in great need.

While Eli Whitney listening to his neighbors he casually overheard them discussing about how much work and time it takes to get enough of the cotton seeds to produce only one pound of the cotton lint they stated that it takes nearly ten hours to get the work done. Afterwards Whitney was overlooking the workers that where removing the seeds using one hand to hold the seed and with the other removing the lint. While Whitney oversaw the slaves that were deseeding the cotton he began to think of a technical invention that would definably make the work that needed to be done, done in a faster more economical way. According to Whitney his new invention consisted of an arrangement of different wiring to hold on to the seed and a set of tiny hook shaped wiring that was placed on top of a barrel was used to brush the lint away from the seeds. The new working cotton gin was a miracle to the southerners because it could shell as many seeds in one hour as the slaves did in a whole day. Even though Whitney did invent the cotton gin and he owned the copyright to it. There was many other people that tried to make their very own copy of the cotton gin. When you look at history of the crop of cotton you will see that after the cotton gin was invented cotton rose to be the number one crop in America by the year of seventeen ninety America had grown over fifteen hundred pounds of cotton, by the year eighteen hundred, America was now producing over thirty five thousand pounds of cotton, and finally by the year of eighteen forty eight America had increased production of cotton to well over one million pounds. Co indecently during this same time slavery had already began to travel throughout the while southern colonies. When the year seven teen ninety came most of the slaves and workers was mainly working in VA on all the



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