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Cja484 - Global Perspectives Assessment

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Global Perspectives Assessment

David Anderson


August 19, 2015

Mark Ridley, MS

Global Perspectives Assessment

The world as American citizens know it is changing, there is a rapid continuous evolution happening. The constant change is due to new technology, you can see the affects in our daily lives. Take a look at something simple as music, the way we listen to it have changed dramatically. Since my lifetime we have advanced from eight tracks to MP3 files. As the world change so do its perception. This discussion will cover globalization in the United States criminal justice system, international criminal justice systems, and the impact of cybercrimes on the world. I will also talk about the affects major crimes and policing systems.

Impact on US criminal justice

Globalization has affected America’s criminal justice in a big way. The United States wants to be the leader of the free world. In order to take on this role the country has to become economical. According to Modafferi (2007), the world has been flatten by political and technology changes, criminal behavior was once isolated for the most part, but now there are no boundaries. Criminals have expanded their enterprises worldwide, law enforcement must develop strategies that will work globally. Globalization dates back to the settlement of Europeans in America. Modafferi (2007) said an expansion globally where results are more of an incorporated economy than before, can be considered as globalization. Schmalleger (2009) said globalization made it possible for gangs like the Black Mafia who is from Philadelphia and Chicago Policy Kings ship illegal drugs from overseas. This is a good example of how globalization has increased the opportunity for criminals, with more market share and easily flowing capital.

The advantages of the internet has allowed businesses to globalized, but it is rivaled with disadvantages also. The internet creates an easy avenue for currency transfers, it also enables criminal to commit fraud and money laundering. The internet provides an excellent line of communications, criminals have learned to use this to its full advantage. Computer technology has fueled the growth of legitimate businesses, however organized crime is using it to grow their organization also (Schmalleger, 2009).

June 2013 law enforcement was faced with Edward Snowden, he leaked government documents that revealed the United States were spying on its citizens. Snowden immediately fled to Russia. The United States requested to extradite Snowden, but Russia refused to cooperate. Kerr (2013) said if Russia refuses to release Snowden, there is nothing the United States can do. This particular case raises one problem in law enforcement, jurisdiction is an issue for law enforcement when dealing with criminals who are in another country.

Snowden was employed by Booz Allen, they are a government security contractor. Snowden action exposed just how unsecure they are. Snowden claims he took the job with intentions of gathering information from the National Security Agency. According to CNN (2013), the National Security Agency is the top law enforcement entity in the United States. This case highlight facts concerning citizen’s privacy, the government denied any spying activity on its people for many years. The point is criminals are committing crimes without any boundaries in mind, if law enforcement intends to deal with these crimes there must be a resolution for jurisdiction. In order for law enforcement to be one hundred percent effective they must be allowed to cross borders.

International criminal justice systems

There are four legal traditions in the world, every country have their own form. First there is civil law, it purpose is to resolve disputes that are non-criminal. Examples of what civil law cover is divorces, personal or property damage, and child support. Secondly there is common law, this law is strict, principle based and largely shaped from court case decisions. Third is Islamic law, its purpose is to guide Muslims and the community in their daily way of living. Many Muslim countries have adopted the western style legal system. Lastly is socialist law, it is based on Marxist-Leninist ideal and civil law. This type of law system can mainly be found in communist countries. Reichel (2005) referred to legal traditions as cultures, norms, values, and attitudes, the word legal system can be defined as operational mechanisms. Throughout the world laws may be similar but have a different meaning, so it is important for a comparison. The United Nation and Interpol have encountered issues before, murder for example is defined different throughout the world. Other issues revolve around reporting crimes, some countries reports are based on charges, other nation’s report convictions only. There are some countries who does not report crime at all. According to Reichel (2005) socialist countries collect crime statistics but they are classified. Those four legal systems



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