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Columbia Industries Case Solution

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Essay Preview: Columbia Industries Case Solution

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LeAnna Kagels

Case Analysis

Columbia Industries, Inc.


Columbia Industries has rapidly grown in the construction industry to become one of the largest manufacturers for code-approved products. The Canadian based company produces supplies that aids repair for sewer and drain waste submissions. Over the years, the demand for these supplies has rapidly increased, allowing Columbia Industries to expand. Now with over 950 employees, Columbia Industries must adjust its capabilities to assist product control. The plant currently uses Hyster brand lift trucks for managing product distribution. The lift truck helps maneuver large bulks of supplies from one location to the next. However, safety concerns have been brought up recently regarding the existing lift trucks due to near accident scenarios. A truck’s stability is questioned when it is needed to reach heavy bulk on elevated shelves. It is essential to select a new lift truck that can meet their growing requirements to ensure proper usage and a safe factory.


The head mechanic and engineers of the plant have officially requested that the current lift truck be replaced. There are multiple reports of the company lift truck needing costly maintenance or repairs and causing unsafe conditions for its employees. With Columbia Industries expanding rapidly, downtime on the truck can be detrimental to their factory processing. Due to these complications, the new lift truck must be able to solve the following issues:

  • Reliability of lift features
  • Downtime due to repairs
  • High expenses for maintenance
  • Rapid Expansion of the company

Possible Solutions

Columbia Industries can help solve the issues they face by purchasing a new lift truck. With an updated version that can fulfill all their needs the company can substantially benefit. There are five companies Columbia Industries have considered buying new lift truck from.

Analysis of Solutions

When considering a new lift truck the company should value five vital components. The features measured in equal weight comprise of: price, quality, company relationship, warranty, and safety. (Exhibit A) Each one of these factors will determine which company should be chosen. The quality of the truck was marked by the demo trial assessment. Company relationship was measured by follow-up time and company honesty. While Safety was quoted by likeliness to perform and meeting action requirements, there is also a comparison of each external element demonstrated in Exhibit B. Analyzing if the company offered a demo truck, easy-to-use machinery, trade-in quote for current truck lift, reliability from follow-up call, and meeting required capabilities to perform duties will give the company a competitive guide.



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