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Com/200 - Interpersonal Communication

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Essay Preview: Com/200 - Interpersonal Communication

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Interpersonal Communication

Michael A Williams


Jacey Saucedo

November 26, 2012

Interpersonal Communication

In this day and age the interpersonal relationships we contribute through marriage, associating, and partnership. There have been several times we discover ourselves conflicting, by means of what someone has said. So as soon as this transpires, it is important to have awareness to the method we reply and connect our opinions without causing a conflict.

Communicating Conflict

Presented in this essay, is a 2004 film, Spanglish. A woman and her daughter emigrate from Mexico for a better life in America, where they start working for a family where the patriarch is a newly celebrated chef with an insecure wife. (Sole, K. 2011) stated that an interpersonal relationship is different from a casual encounter with another person or a brief acquaintance because the people involved in the relationship are interdependent. This means that they need each other or depend on each other in some way, and the actions of each person affect the other.

The first scene that involved communication issue is when Debra (the mother) meets the Latino mother for the first time via job interview, she has a problem with "breaking the ice" as stated in the text (Sole, K. 2011), after you have made initial contact with someone, the idiom "breaking the ice" describes the process of initiating a conversation with other people and establishing rapport. Having rapport with someone means that the two of you "click" or communicate well and understand each other. If you desire, this initial rapport is the basis on which the two of you can build a close and harmonious relationship, (Sole, K. 2011).

I notice another scene were Debra, is furious about how her husband handling their 9 year old son situation, she explained to John; who is the husband when it come to the kids they need to stay on the same page. Sole, K. 2011 said that the parties in an interpersonal relationship also have consistent patterns of interacting and communicating with each other, and these patterns are unique to that relationship. Debra wants to be united with her husband John, by doing consistent parenting with their children. Interdependent, which means that they need each other or depend on each other in some way, and the actions of each person affect the other, (Sole, K. 2011). I think from my point of view interpersonal conflicts every so often are centered on nonexistence of actual communication, immodesty and emotionalism, which I've, notice in the film.


So I will conclude that



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