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Comm 350 - Decisions in Paradise Business Scenario 2

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Essay Preview: Comm 350 - Decisions in Paradise Business Scenario 2

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Critical Thinking Application


June 4 2011

This essay will give a brief definition of what critical thinking is. It will also share some steps on how to analyze critical thinking and the results of good thinking. It will talk about what is the importance of critical thinking, and its benefits. And Last an example of how critical thinking helped in solving a problem.

Critical thinking is that mode of thinking about any subject, content, or problem in which the thinker improves the quality of his or her thinking by skillfully analyzing, assessing, and reconstructing it. Critical thinking is self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking. Critical thinking is the effective communication that helps with problem solving and commits to overcome one's native egocentrism and sociocentrism. It assents to rigorous standards of mindful command and use of them. As quoted in (Paul & Elder, Copyright © 2006, p. xxiii).

The steps to analyze a person's critical thinking the first step is that a person should identify the purpose, question, information, conclusion, assumptions, implications, and main concept and last the point of view. The assess of the thinking process is that a person would have to check clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance depth breadth significance logic and fairness. And the end result of a critical thinker: is to raise vital questions and problems, in order to formulate them clear and precise, the person should always gather and assesses information given, they should use abstract ideas in order to interpret them with effectively, conclusion and solutions should be tested against relevant criteria and standards, a person should communicate with effectively with others so they my figure out the solution to high complex problem. As quoted in (Paul & Elder, Copyright © 2006, p. xxiv).

Critical thinking is important in life and in the corporate world, because of the important decision that a person has to make when it comes to making a deal such as buying or selling or even marketing a product. Critical thinking helps solve problems without any conflict helps the person understand what is being said. Always try to analyze what a person saying before answering, and always think before responding, do not try to speak without thinking it over first. This way the listener is sure, that he has understood what the talker has said and he may answer with a correct response. When making work related decision critical thinking is always present, because you need to have a clear head and should always answer in the correct manner in order to make a good deal or solve a conflict in the office without having to get in a heated argument.

The importance of critical thinking is that, a person depends on what they think. By the way a person thinks is how they will project themselves to others and how they would build their life, whether it is financially or the way they may live in society. A person's thoughts should always be cultivated in order to become successful and be able to make smart decisions for them. It is important to have positive thinking because the outcome is better. The benefits of critical thinking is the outcome of what the person has thought over and over in his mind, an example of this is a business deal, the person has thought over the pro and cons of the deal an make his best judgment in order to close the deal, where the company would make a good profit over the closing deal.

In a personal experience of critical thinking it would be that, an elderly man came to the store one day, and when the cashier asked him for his drivers license's he became furious. The reason the cashier asked for his driver's license was, because he was paying by check. This gentleman stated to yell that he was never coming back because no one knew him and he always pays by check and that his check was good because he had money in the bank, and every time the cashier kept asking him for his driver's licenses this made the other customer unhappy. So when handling the situation one had to think what was going to be said and make sure the other customers heard a good explanation on why the store asks for the driver's license number when paying by check. We explained to him that by doing this he would know that if someone ever stole one of his checks and came to my store I would not accept the check. One because the store manager knew him and two because he did not have the proper Id to pay with his check, that would mean that he should feel safe paying by check in the store and he would know that the store would call him if someone came to pay with his check. This changed the man's mood from being angry, to being positive he felt safe in this particular.

In conclusion a person should always control his or her thinking. It is always important to listen before speaking without thinking first. Analyze what they are saying. Give yourself time before answering the first thing that comes to your mind, because you my latter regret your answer. Critical thinking is important it helps in solving problems and gain clients when it come to the business world.


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Critical Thinking Application

Leida I Colon Torres


June 4 2011

Louis Lozada Sorcia

This essay will give a brief definition of what critical thinking is. It will also share some steps on how to analyze critical thinking and the results of good thinking. It will talk about what is the importance of critical thinking, and its benefits. And Last an example of how critical thinking helped



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