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Decisions in Paradise II

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Essay Preview: Decisions in Paradise II

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Running head: Decisions in Paradise II

Business Scenario: Decisions in Paradise II

University of Phoenix

Decisions in Paradise II

Reviewing the conversation with Chris and Alex concerning the business at hand of getting a plant up and running, a simple business plan will be stated as follows: The pros and cons of doing business in Kava.

This business plan seems to be the simplest in terms of transferring data to read and easiest based on the limited data available. Some possible problems that would inhibit our growth are the rainy season, which runs from November to April this is prime hurricane season. Bank of America's usual acquiring and building period is 18 months which would place day one in the middle of the of February and still two months of possible hurricanes that could inhibit our building and opening dates.

As Kava is an ancient culture Bank of America needs to enlist the help of local craftsman and construction workers to assist in boosting the economy while building trust for the company. It is suggested that the building take place May through October in order to avoid costly delays due to the rainy season. The rainy season would afford Alex and me the perfect opportunity to interview and hire our construction workers and staff for the facility. Rather than rushing to judgment, the applications could be reviewed with care so the right fit is accomplished.

Knowing Bank of America has now decided to open a customer service facility time is of the essence to notify US vendors the need of their services will no longer be needed. As mentioned earlier Kava is an ancient culture resistance to change is part of this process, bridging this gap will be a challenge for Bank of America.

Resource Allocation

Decisions in Paradise II

The funds needed to start the building would be based on current market for materials here and the construction company's current fees. The architecture here is not modern and uses elements in harmony with the landscape of wood and concrete for reinforcement, both of which works to our benefit for combined costs and safety from formidable weather. The average building costs here for water front property is around 250,000 to 500,000 but the difference can be split here based on wanting to be more inland for practical purposes. Around 375,000 would be a fair estimate as the wage scale here is lower than in the United States, and this being a factory over indulgence is unfounded.


Hiring would take place as stated earlier in the rainy months November to April with construction beginning in May and continuing through



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