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Communication Case - How to Communicate Better

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Essay Preview: Communication Case - How to Communicate Better

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"To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world" (Anthony Robbins)

Verbal Communication- involves the sending and receiving of messages between and among the participants in the group. The verbal language is intellectual and suitable for transmitting information in a sophisticated manner.

Listening can be an ideal way to build your confidence in verbal communication, as it will assist you as the facilitator responding intelligibly in accordance with the flow of the conversation. It also demonstrates the value you place on the group as you are speaking, displaying the respect you are extending during the groups interactions. This helps the group become more relaxed and comfortable.

Confidence in verbal communication can be achieved through the clarity when you are speaking. As the facilitator, offer tips and strategies to put everyone at ease. Offer the group breathing and listening techniques which will always be the cornerstone to confidence. Encourage them to make this a habit of practicing both of these skills in every conversation and this allows their confidence to almost be guaranteed to improve.

Paraphrasing or summarize what another individual has said is the key. This provides the group members with your perception of the words they are speaking. It gives them the knowledge that you are listening attentively and providing them with an opportunity to correct errors in your perception of what they have communicated.

Ethical Issues questions.

The two questions that I difficulty answering were:

1. I am concerned about how much of my personal reaction and my private life I should reveal in counseling sessions.

2. Minors should be allowed to seek psychological guidance regarding pregnancy and abortion counseling without parental consent or knowledge.

This assignment really made me think about how many different ethical issues that we could face as MFT counselors. I learned from researching the AAMFT and ACA codes that minors 12 years and above legally have the right to consent to their own medical care minus abortion without the consent of their parents. We as counselors do not have to inform the parents or legal guardian regarding this decision. I have a hard time agreeing with that because I believe that parents should have a say so in their children's decisions especially when they are minors. I fully understand as a counselor It is my duty to have the client's best interest at hand. And stick to the primary goal which is to help my client in the time of need, and building 100 percent client/therapist trust.

I realize that it is hard to not talk about your experiences



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