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Communication in an Organization

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Organizations communicate by verbal and non verbal mode of communication. Verbal communication involves written message, written or oral languages where as non verbal communication include facial expressions and gestures, tone of voice, images, personal appearance and various mannerisms. Sometimes both mode of communication used together example: in a presentation the person who is presenting among the audience use written and oral messages as verbal communication and gestures and voice tone as non verbal communication. For an organization communication does not meant only communicate inside the organization, it also include the communication with the external stakeholders i.e. customer, supplier, of organization. The good communication with external stakeholders is also a necessity of an organization for its long term effective business survival and success. The most important external stakeholder of every organization is customers. Virgin group communicate with its customers by its primary promoter and chairman Richard Branson. Richard Branson is seen as revolutionary among British citizens and his battle against huge corporations like British airways are well link with the English heroes who battle again tyranny and evil. Branson's values and sense of fair play were consistent with many traditional values and defined the British character. Virgin group effectively use this approach for communication with customers. Whenever there is any problem happen with Virgin product, Branson visit that place and communicate with customers and shows his sense of fair play. At the launch of Virgin Bride, Richard Branson had worn a Bridal gown of $10000 and appears in front of camera to communicate with the customers. When Virgin group has launched 'Virgin Atlantic' Branson was serving drinks to passengers in the dress of female flight attendant. Virgin group organization uses this non verbal form of communication to communicate with customers via gestures, fancy dress and revolutionary image of Richard Branson. Use of Virgin products and services in high amount by British people after this communication and promotion approach, reveals the success story of Virgin group effective communication and successful business organization.



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