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Compare/contrast Essay on the Great Gatsby

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Essay Preview: Compare/contrast Essay on the Great Gatsby

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In the Great Gatsby, the characters of Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby are very alike and they are very different in ways. Their personalities are very different. Tom's personality is more egotistic than Jay's. Jay's personality is more pleasant than Tom's. A lot more people want to be around Jay than Tom. Of all the characters in the movie, the two most exciting to compare and contrast are Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby because they are what make the movie so interesting.

Besides that these two characters are different. Tom was born into wealth and it is all he has known all of his life. Tom has brown hair, brown eyes. He is white and the average height for a man. He cheats on his wife, and takes advantage of Nick Carraway. He knows that his wife is cheating on him with Jay because he is aware of how they act together. People say a lot about Tom. Jordan Baker says, "He's a cheater, he's got some girl in New York he's been seeing. Everyone knows about it." People have noticed that he treats Daisy poorly. He's very rude towards his wife. Tom treats women disrespectfully, and thinks it is okay because he has money. Tom tries really hard to impress people.

Jay Gatsby on the other hand has different character traits. He grew up being poor. He was used to not having money. Jay worked his way up to be wealthy. Jay has brown hair, brown eyes. He is white and he is known to have one of the most reassuring smiles throughout the town. Jay throws lots of parties in hopes that Daisy would show up to one. He is very well respected, and he starts sneaking around with Daisy. All he's ever wanted since he met Daisy was to be with her and be married to her. He wanted her to love him as much as he loved her. Other people say good things about Jay. That he his handsome, an impressive young man, and that he is a war hero. He's very formal and polite. Jay is respectful towards people. He has very great respect for the people who served.

The characters of Tom and Jay are more alike than they appear to be. However, they also share some differences too. Both characters, Tom and Jay, use many people throughout the movie. Also, neither of them really, truly loves Daisy. One of their great differences is that Jay is much pleasant than Tom. Tom is more egotistic than Jay. They both have two different personalities, yet can relate to the same secret affairs that occur throughout the movie. First, and most obvious, Tom and Jay both us Nick in some way. Jay wanted to find Daisy, but didn't know anyone who knew her. He later found out that Nick knew her, and then became very good friends with him. He had Nick invite Daisy over for tea and then they'll end up meeting again. Tom used Nick by inviting him to go with him to town while Tom picked up his girl. He told Daisy he was out so late with Nick and to ask him if she didn't believe him.



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