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The Great Gatsby Argumentative Essay - Tom’s Infidelity: A Missing Scene

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Essay Preview: The Great Gatsby Argumentative Essay - Tom’s Infidelity: A Missing Scene

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February 2,2018                                                                 Carrington A. Brown

Tom’s Infidelity: A Missing Scene

Missing Scene:  Daisy confronts Tom about his infidelity.

        Well, it was a rather nice day in the neighborhood. Everyone was out at J. Gatsby’s house for this big party that he was having. Everyone thought that Gatsby was the cat’s meow. My husband, Tom was there with this babe. He thought that I was in the dark about this situation, but I was once told that it is sometimes better to see things and observe them rather than always have something to say. Tom was a rich, racist, and dishonest man. Everyone probably thought that I was in disbelief, but I just didn’t know how I would confront him about it because I’ve dealt with it for so long.

        Today was the day that I had gotten completely fed up with him doing these things. He had the nerve to bring this lady to the party that he knew I would be at. While sitting at Gatsby’s home, I was pondering on how I was going to confront him. Tom was always known to leave you holding the bag.  I got in my crate and drove around trying to crab what I was going to say when I arrived back at the party. I didn’t really want to embarrass him, but I just had to let it be known since he thought that he was such a big shot.

        I finally got the strength to be an ankle. I turned my crate around and headed back to the party to confront my man. When I walked in the house, I called his name out as loud ad I could; but he didn’t seem to answer. I walked around the house looking for him, and I finally found him. He was standing right beside his mistress at the time. I said “Please excuse me. Tom, may I speak to you for a moment?” He held his finger up insisting that I waited for him to come see what I wanted.

        I stood there as long as I could before I said “Tom, could you please get a wiggle on? I’m getting fed up.”  Tom never came. So, I went over there and interrupted them. I explained to him that I was done and I was planning to spend the rest of my life with Gatsby, a man that actually cared about me and my well being. Tom began to interrupt me. I screamed “CLOSE YOUR HEAD!”  I had to let it be known that I am a lady of courage and dignity, and I refuse to be treated as anything other than that. Tom was so astonished by what I had said to him that he had to take out his deck. After our conversation, I left him and his mistress standing there. It’s safe to say that I’m finally moving on from Tom Buchanan.    



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