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Comparison "living in Sin" and "sex Without Love"

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Essay Preview: Comparison "living in Sin" and "sex Without Love"

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"Living in Sin" and "sex without love"

There are many differences in Adrienne Rich's ''Living in sin" and Sharon Old's "sex without love" but there are some similarities. Living in Sin" and "sex without love" both portrait ones guilty conscious of immature mistakes.

The poem "living in sin" tells a story from a wife's perspective; she thought her marriage to be totally different from what it is now. Things don't happen by themselves, you have to do them. In the beginning, there is a lengthy description of things that she wanted done but it seems as if she never tried or got help doing them. The couple should try new things so that their marriage doesn't get old. "...He, with a yawn sounded, a dozen notes upon the keyboard, declared it out of tune, ...rubbed at his beard, went out for cigarettes...'' that line shows me that he was a lazy man and probably had a poor carrier. They should look at things in a different perspective or do things slower because they went too fast with their life. If they are going to ''fix'' things up than they should do it one at a time and go by order. They are doing things without thinking, which is probably one reason why their marriage is bad.

The poem "Sex without Love" portraits a guilty conscious because when I read it I think of them doing something without thinking or having no purpose. There is always another thing that "drives" it for example; a bike going down a hill, the bike will still go down even though you're not pedaling. They are probably having sex just because they can rather than because they love each other. "Beautiful as dancers, gliding over each other like ice skaters, over ice," when I read that line I think of the ice skaters as a way of saying ''yes'' or the approval. I also think of them as a fake way of showing happiness and beauty. "Wet as the children at birth whose mothers are going to give them away" When a child is born there is usually a joyful mood but giving away the baby shows a depressing or giving away kind of mood. They seem immature because they are doing things randomly without thinking. The rhetorical questions at the beginning show me that she asks, how can people do things without a purpose, how can they go to "B" without going through "A"?

did i do this correctly?



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