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Essay Preview: Love

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It is said that "first loves are never really over." If this is true, should there be a second, or third, or fourth love? Are people meant to fall in and out of love? Or is it a one shot deal? The idea of falling in love is much different now than it was fifty years ago. What love means has been skewed by media and technology, and there is a chance no one will ever experience pure love again. As a generation, we should look to our grandparents for the meaning of falling in love. Men used to leave their families for years to fight in wars, and they day they came back- everything fell right back into place. Years without any means of communication, and not an ounce of doubt that everything was going to be okay the minute that man walked back into the house. A man can't leave for ten minutes without getting a text or phone call from his significant other. With the constant availability, people are over-looking how precious it is to just talk to someone. In today's world, it is pure quantity over quality. If you can talk to someone as much as you want, who cares how special it is? Staying in love is one issue, but falling in love is more crucial. How is anyone to know what it feels like to actually fall in love? There are twelve year olds singing about love. Is a twelve year old capable of falling in love? These songs are tricking kids into the thinking they have fallen in love. Then, years later when they actually do fall in love, they miss it. Their first real love comes and goes in the blink of an eye, meshed together with the feelings of puppy love. Who knows what true love is? The people celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries, the widows visiting the cemetery to say hi to their loved one- that's love. That's "'til death." The certainty of looking someone in the eye and knowing you're going to be with them for the rest of your life- that's once in a life time. That certainty must be a comfort unlike any other, but it is doubtful that many people can say they've been completely confident in it. With the world pulling an individual in a million different ways, loves gets tossed around and a quality relationship is not formed. Some people are lucky; some are able to wade off the outside voices and opinions- and they are the ones who will succeed. But, for the majority of society, true love is out of reach- and the idea of love is doomed for failure.



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