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Competitors and Suppliers

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Essay Preview: Competitors and Suppliers

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. In this case, Benny and his cousin have prepared to accept and resolve problems. Furthermore, Benny is 25 years old, and his cousin is 38 years old. They are young and have good health. It is good for their business (Barrow, 1998).

There are 16 employees in Taste of China. Benny told me they just require staff have restaurant-relative experience, young. And he also felt difficult to get along with his partner's wife. In this case, Benny is lack of management skills. In order to improve this, it is necessary to set up a long-term plan, and encourage employees to achieve small win. Secondly, learn more communication skills with others, pointed out their performance advantages and disadvantages (Baker, 2009; Burns, 2001).

Benny has already realized personal communication skills are important. As usual, he focuses on get along well with customers and suppliers. He requires himself to be friendly. However, some misunderstandings still exist. Moreover, some uncertainties lead to various stresses. He is confused about how to control stresses. In order to improve these weaknesses, it is necessary for owner-managers to poster themselves accept uncertain abilities and to develop personal management skills (Baker, 2009; Barrow, 1998).

competitors and suppliers (Barrow, 1998).

Stokes (2002) states a professional small business sectors' marketing research process. The first stage is to identify target customers and research goals. Secondly, to find out the existing data and define what new information is needed. Thirdly, it requires designing fit methods to gather data, and then analysis all data. Finally, using these data to assess the strategies you take. Marketing research is helpful for decision-making, and it also reduces risk.

However, Taste of China's managers are weak at marketing research. Even they decided to buy this restaurant; they did not do marketing research. Their younger sister worked in this shop for 4 months. They believed their sister was familiar with most of information they need. The current plan is to operate another branch, they just drive car to seek available shop when they are free. The main purpose of marketing research is to find a good shop site.

Marketing research is human and material resources consuming work. But they can make good use of internal resources. And local government trade associations also can provide help and advices. In this case, they can directly receive data with low cost. On the other hand, if primary data is necessary, they can adopt special research methods to gather news, such as interview customers, observation competitors or using structured questionnaires. These methods can aim at problem to offer correct and latest information (Carson, David et al, 1995; Stokes, 2002).



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