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Concept Comparison and Analysis

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Essay Preview: Concept Comparison and Analysis

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Concept Comparison and Analysis

Chinenye Nwokey


March, 17 2014

Dolores Diehl

Core concept is a known idea which is nursing theorist's basis for theory or model; they offer a summary of the rationale for the concept and reveal how the concept can be added into nursing training. Nursing have many theorists which have one core concept caring; Caring is a systematic strength to do something exactly right that will help patients as much as possible. Caring is also considered by many as one feature within the metaparadim of nursing knowledge and practice. (Watson & Smith, 2002. p.456). The discussion in this paper is the comparison and analysis of the concept and also the definition of "the role of nursing ", which Dorothy Orem's self-care model and Virginia Henderson's nursing care model both utilized.

Orem's self-care Concept

Her definition of nursing character is serving the client to attain a state of ideal healthiness and wellness, act as advocate, redirector, support person, teacher, and to provide an environment conductive to therapeutic development (Joanna 2001). She noted that each patient needs self-care so they can sustain ideal health and wellness. Every client has the capability and accountability for their upkeep and dependents'.

Virginia Henderson definition of nursing role is to endorse the management set by the physicians. She went on to say that the care given by nurses must empower the patient to gain independence as rapidly as possible (nursing theory 2001). The theory stresses the significance of increasing the patient's freedom so that advancement after hospital would not be hindered. Her emphasis on basic human needs as the dominant attention of nursing practice has led to extra theory growth about the needs of the patient and how nursing can assist in meeting those needs. She went on to say that nurse has the accountability to weigh the needs of the patient, help him or her meet health needs, and provide a setting in which the patient can perform activity unassisted. The role of the nurse is to get inside the patients skin and supplement his strength will or knowledge according to his needs (George, 2001). Nurses in their role substitute (doing for the person), supplementary (working with the person, and complementary (working with the person). In Henderson's theory nursing activities are in categories found on World needs. These components embroil physiological, psychological spiritual, moral, and sociological aspects (Current Nursing, 2011).

Their concepts are different because Orem's concept has self-care deficit; which states that every reputable individual possesses the skill to achieve self-care desires, but where a patient is helpless due to physical or mental restrictions. The Person can profit from nursing involvements. The also helps when a health situation constrains a patient's ability to achieve self-care or generates a state where the patient's capabilities are not adequate to preserve his or her healthiness and wellness. Orem states that nursing action stresses on documentation of limitation /deficit and application of proper intervention to meet the needs of the person.

A Virginia Henderson state that nursing is necessary irrespective if the patient is sick or healthy. She states that individuals have simple needs that are modules of health. She states that persons may need help to attain health and liberation, or aid to attain a quiet death. Her concept presents the patient as a sum or parts with biophysical needs rather as a type of client or consumer (George. 2001). These two theorists have some resemblances in their theories, they both support the fact that the patient obtain care to attain optimal health. Their common care concept is the reason, many hospital use their theories today.

Orem's Philosophy

Her philosophy depicts the impression that nursing is the skill to care for another, particularly once the person cannot care for himself or herself. This matches our viewpoint of providing service for persons so they can achieve finest level of health and wellness. Also comprises giving evidence, schooling, plus giving tools essential for their health..

Orem's self-care Theory-Metaparadigms

There are four Metaparadigms in Orem's theory; Person is distinct with physical



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