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Consequence of War

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In the long history of mankind, the first humans and other living creatures, as a part of nature and  appeared on earth. At that time, human and other living around the interdependence, symbiosis. With the development of human society, the demon of war also appeared, the impact of war on the environment has appeared. Toward a brilliant at each step of the human, people are enthusiastic pursuit of peace. And the war, always let people cherish an undying. War not only lead to the loss of millions of lives, loss of wealth, but also seriously undermine the survival of humans upon earth resources and natural environment. War is viewed as negative by many people but it does have some positive benefit . In my research paper. I will discuss the following points. One of the positive aspects is to being able to change decisions after War that possible change for the better of the country. This is because, it force the government to think and consider better options that could satisfy the people needs and to let the people know that their voices, concerns are heard.  For example, The Vietnam War in the 1950s led the Congress replacing volunteers who are willing to sacrifice as well as lower the voting age to 18 years old. It also enabled Congress to halt the dictator's superiority to send American military into any action without approval from the Congress. However, it affects the U.S. Economy severely, due to inflation which they were then unable to raise the level of taxes to pay for the damage made from the War.


Armed conflict is a major global problem and disproportionately affects the world’s poorest. Conflict gets in the way of efforts to reduce poverty. This is so because it actually pressurize the government in the country to come up with a solution to solve the current poverty issues and ensure that the problem will slowly gets better. However, it is only a short term solution, in other words, in the long run, the problem may not be consistently solved as it is not easy to reduce poverty. Many countries which are rich, there are still existence of poverty, but only of a small percentage. Hence, poverty can be reduced, but unable to scrap off entirely in any country.

A lot of the history of various war direct reason: ethnic, religion, ideology and so on, and so on but in the final analysis, the conflict of economic interests is the most fundamental reason.People in order to compete for resources and the war, but war and large-scale consumption of scarce resources, use of resources produced by the destruction of wealth, destroying people's living environment, until the eradication of human life.

The war damage to the environment caused by any war, more or less will cause varying degrees of damage to the environment, the modern high-tech technology to the weapons of war have destructive power, toxic and even radioactive, impact on the environment caused by the larger, with the use of cutting-edge science and technology, modern war can generate persistent effect with the global. The Gulf War and Kosovo modern high-tech war, caused to the environment has aroused great concern. According to the London Institute of Strategic Studies and statistics, in some of the major war, metal resources only consumption is quite alarming. The first world war destroyed metal is more than 5000 tons; the second world war is as high as one hundred million tons; in 1989, the Middle East and the Gulf War, only 43 days of the war, destroyed the metal and not much difference between the second world wars. The evil war damage to natural environment is more heavy, it can cause serious ecological damage and pollution of the air. As America during the Vietnam War, clearing the way for Hu Zhiming trails and eliminate the jungle barrier, the extensive use of defoliants, wantonly carpet bombing, so that large areas of forest and plants have been badly damaged. According to records, during the Second World War, the Soviet Union to resist the German fascist aggression, hostile parties had destroyed 20000000 hectares of forest, garden of 650000 hectares of various large animal, killing more than one hundred million, so that the natural environment has been seriously damaged. During the Gulf War, about 9000000 tons of crude oil spilled into the Gulf, making a large number of biological suffocation. According to the world environmental protection organization forecast, the Gulf War has 52 kinds of birds to extinction, the Persian Gulf to the calculation of aquatic species extinction. For the harm of air pollution caused by the war and the oil fires on the planet, it is difficult to estimate. The oil combustion release smoke accompanied by war

The smoke rolling up to the sky, the impact of the Asian monsoon, led to the India and Southeast drought. Sedimentation in the bay area of 2500000 tons of sulfur and nitrogen oxides, causing catastrophic damage to local agricultural. The expert points out, ecological animal by the Gulf War to is by far the most serious human one in history. A few years l. A few years later, when the scientists of the climbers from Everest's retrieving snow samples, they found the Gulf oil fire elegant to ashes, we research station in Antarctic scientists but also the pollutants in water of the Gulf War laboratory snow of antarctica. The Gulf War caused by atmospheric dyeing float range is wide, the impact of large, thus remarkable. The Gulf War caused by atmospheric pollution, marine pollution, shocking, and Hiroshima, Nagasaki atomic bomb explosion, not only to suffer between hundreds of thousands of civilians in crowning calamity, radioactive pollution caused by nuclear explosions, still affecting the people around them. During the Second World War, has since the Americans to drop the atomic bomb, let people a nuclear war --. Nuclear war is not only to human life threat, the influence on the destruction of the human living environment and living environment is more difficult to measure. Hiroshima, Nagasaki suffered from the attacks of atomic bomb, the people rejoice Nuclear War didn't burst, but people also have no reason to enjoy without any menace from the "rear" halcyon days, because the United States and Russia a huge nuclear arsenal as Damour Damocles sword, always hanging in the people of the world's head. It is not difficult to find, though not the outbreak of nuclear war, nuclear arms race did not stop nuclear testing, radiation pollution caused by light is a year, would have been to humans and the environment posed a potential threat to. The war not only endanger the lives, but also make a lot of land destruction. According to estimates, fertile topsoil in World War II, various explosives set off up to 350000000 cubic meters, causing many farmland barren, some places have become desert and gravel Gobi.



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