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Courage in My Life

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Essay Preview: Courage in My Life

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In life we struggle different problems but me in a young age i experience the worst. I have this perspective in life that study first so that i will have a brighter future. I also dream a guy that in the time he will marry me. I dream that someday i will walk in aisle with my father to the alter to meet my groom. But all of those dreams vanished .

Let me start my story.

Theres a girl with her Bestfriend. They were so close to each other , they have a lot of similarities but even though they have lot of similarities they have also differences and one of this is there perspective in life. If girl want to have a good grades her bestfriend want cute guys. They were happy back then but not until that guy came to there life. That guy had crush to the girl. But the girl was afraid to him because of his background. But her Bestfriend got close to that guy. So her bestfriend become a way so that the girl and the guy will be also close to each other. But girl is so afraid of him. But the guy didn't surrender even though the girl is to harsh and having a bad approach to him. He do everything but still the girl is not interested to him. Being harsh and bad to that guy , the guy got angry to her because she so hard to get , she's not a appreciating his effort. And the girl just replied that she don't care because she don't like him. And the guy got hurt to what she said.



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