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Course Project

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Course Project

Product Description

The product innovation that is being introduced here will be for the outside pets. This product will help to illuminate the need of trashing the animal's food after those pesky ants and bugs get into the food. The double layered pet food and water bowl will ensure no more wasted food.

There are many consumers in the market who have outside pets and they are fed up with ants and bugs getting into their pets food. There is a need for this product because if the food is left outside for the animals, then the ants get into it and the animals will not touch the food.

There are ways of fixing this either by picking up the food and bringing it inside, to put the food in a small pan on top of a brick which is setting inside a large dishpan of water. However, some people think that the look of this is just awful and they will not do this. So to create a pan that is setting on a platform in a larger pan will create the look of a decoration while also helping the animal's food to stay kept safe from the ants and bugs. The dish will look like a pan on a pedestal. The top pan will be for the food and the bottom for the water. This will ensure that the ants will not get into the food because ants cannot swim and carry food at the same time.

Not only will this product provide the look which consumers are looking for, but also it will provide the animals their food and water which is needed throughout the day. This product was derived from the busy life of my mother. She is tired of dealing with the ants in her animal's food. She has to empty the food and water out many times throughout the day due to the ants getting to her animals food. My mother has tried to keep them out by using a brick in a large wash pan with the food on top of the brick but has gotten fed up with the look of the brick.

Product Benefits

The benefits of this product consist of not only keeping the pesky bugs out of the animals dish but also the consumer does not have to purchase multiple bowls for the food and water. With the prices of products on the constant rise, even the minimum things such as pet supplies are rising. If the consumer is able to make one purchase compared to two then they will be more willing to consider the purchase.

Another benefit of the product is that this can be cross marketed as not only a pet food and water dish but also as a double flower planter. We see many products out there that have more than one use and it is important that the product can be used in other forms. This product can be bought for the animals until the unfortunate passing of the animal then it can be used for the planter.

This will give the consumer the chance to use the product in any fashion that they wish. They will be able to use the product for a flower planter or an



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