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Court Glossary

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Court Glossary

Assault Any act committed intentionally or recklessly which causes a person to fear immediate personal violence Agresión agredir

Bill of indictment Document listing all the allegations against the defendant Pliego de cargos

Disorderly Behaviour Type of court hearing related to the violation public peace or order Conductas que alteran el orden publico

Drink-driver Type of court hearing Clase de jucio basado en la acusación por conducir alcolizado.

Case adjourned To put off a case for later consideration Caso aplazado hasta futuro aviso

Heroin charge Type of court hearing related to intent to supply, possession, or consumption



Jury Assembly Area Room in the courthouse where jurors check-in at the start of their service

Jury Summons

Libel Civil case based on defamation by written or printed words, pictures or any form other than by spoken words or gestures. Difamación, Libelo, difamación a través de publicaciones, radio, televisión u otro medio.

Offence denied Type of court hearing Negación de delito

Preferment of a bill of indictment Proceeding to transfer a trial from CC to MC1. Bill of indictment is sent to the appropriate officer of the CC for signature Acción de elegir si el caso se llevara a cabo en MC o CC. Consiste en una carta o documento que se le envía a un funcionario de la CC para que lo firme.

Plea A formal statement made in court by and accused person as a response to the charge made against him Alegato de culpabilidad

Escrito por el cual un abogado expone las razones que le sirven de fundamento para que se impugnen las acusaciones de su cliente.

Plead to the indictment Process called arraignment in which the accused is called to argue the case in court Presentar declaración o entablar pleito sobre una acusación. Este proceso legal se llama 'acusación'

Statutory Reglamento, establecido por la ley


To appoint someone

Convocatoria, citación, emplazamiento.


Theft allegation Type of court hearing Acusación de robo

Wounding charge Type of court hearing based on Maliciously Inflicting Grievous



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