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Sonia Sotomayor - First Hispanic Justice in Supreme Court

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Essay Preview: Sonia Sotomayor - First Hispanic Justice in Supreme Court

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On August 8, 2009 Sonia Sotomayor was the first Hispanic woman appointed into the Supreme Court as a justice. She took the place of David H. Souter to be the 111th person sitting on the bench. Not only was she the first Hispanic woman but also the third woman ever as a justice. This was the greatest achievement in her seventeen years on the bench. She has worked hard to get to where she is now. Sotomayor's childhood and beliefs are the things which have greatly influenced what she has done.

Sonia Sotomayor was born in the Bronx, New York. This caused Sotomayor to experience many situations that most justices have gone through. This is because most justices come from wealthy families and good neighborhoods. Those situations could have made her give up however, Sotomayor decided to work hard for what she wanted. Achieving a better life and helping out her brother and mother were her motivations. All her hard work in school paid off when she graduated top of her class in both college and law school. After that Sotomayor worked as a judge and a lawyer for more than thirty years. Her dedication is what made her standout to president Barack Obama who nominated her for the Supreme Court.

Sonia Sotomayor, the newest justice in the Supreme Court, has had her biggest dream come true. that dream was to be a part of the Supreme Court. This was achieved by her dedication and hard work ever since she was smaller. If she had not had a rough childhood she might not of tried as hard to achieve this dream of hers. Living in a poor neighborhood gave her experiences which other justices have only heard about. Her belief in freedom of religion allows her to rule the case more fairly. When all of that is put together, a justice with a new way of looking at cases is made.Sonia Sotomayor represents the current administration's recognition of the value and importance of diversity. Her appointment is historically important because she became the first Hispanic and only the third woman to serve on the US Supreme Court. When positions traditionally held by members of a majority population become available to members of a minority population, it helps increase our appreciation for diversity and expand our commitment to equality.

Sonia's Sotomayor's appointment to the Supreme Court is a reflection of American society in the 21st century because it shows that people are still fearful of the difference of others and they need to get over it. It shows the ignorance of our nation today as it was years ago. Society doesn't want to think that a woman; a Latino women at that might be able to work and succeed in a demanding position with happiness than being a house wife or working a low income job.

The nation is full of immigrants. That's what makes us competitive in the world. There are much more to our country than the multicultural centers that already exist, the



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