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Critical Analysis

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Distillation is a widely used technique for purifying liquids. In this experiment 1:1 mixture of ethyl acetate (bp 77.1oC) and butyl acetate (bp 126.8oC) were separated by simple and fractional distillation. The temperature of the mixtures were recorded at every 1mL interval till 20 mL and then a temperature vs volume graph was plotted for both fractional and simple distillations and hence were compared.


The recorded datas of both the simple and fractional distillation were of as expected i.e consistent. In fractional distillation the temperature of the mixture was constant in the middle. In fractional distillation slow distillation was the key to a better result. Also, the glass beads (packing materials) were crucial too, since the efficiency of the distillation depended on its surface area. The higher the Across the nation, people in need of transplants sit on a waiting list while the war on organ donation ethics continues. Some people are on the list up until their demise or get lucky, much like psychiatrist and author Sally Satel did. In her article "Death's Waiting List", Satel speaks of her fortunate experience of receiving a donated kidney and then proceeds to her desire to allow the market sale of human organs, so that others can be as opportune as she was (Critical Reading Thinking and Writing 133). On the contrary, Donald Joralemon and Phil Cox, authors of the article "Body Values: The Case Against Compensating for Transplant Organs," believe the market sale of organs will lead to an increase in objectification



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