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Cultivation Analysis

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This theory is still known as cultivation analysis, it was brought to the forefront by its developer "Professor George Gerbner" in 1990, and arguments have been discussed in order to understand the significant of long term effects. In this paper, cultivation can be expressed in perception of being exposed to abuse over time. This theory has impacted the life of children now as well as the future of children being exposed to some form of life making it difficult to socialize with others.

Children are abused everyday in the world based on several studies. A child should feel some sort of attachment to a parent as he/she grows. However childhood sexual abuse is linked to many factors leaving a child with difficulties in adulthood. Children who have experienced these are less likely to be able to have a steady relationship as an adult and could be unaware of how negative experiences as a child is related to any love behavior.

Responses to the abuse studies show that more abusive children have experienced difficulties in relationships and self-esteem. These factors are most common in women one study conducted by Painter & Howell found that women expressed rage and bosses behaviors due to childhood abuse. The blame game is one of the responses expressed over time that comes from childhood abuse as described by McCarthy and Taylor many cohabiting adults who have been in an abusive relationship have psychological levels of depression and poor relationship experiences due to repressed anger that transfers into adulthood.



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