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Culture Influence the Eating Habits

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Essay Preview: Culture Influence the Eating Habits

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Culture influence eating habits

It has been established by Abhijit Banerjee (2009) who states that eatint habits are infuleced by the culture, and popular culture impacts on the aspirations of the younger generation these , it affects not only the type of food and quantity of the they eat but also manner in which they view food.

(Abhijit Banerjee, P 2009, 'Eating Habits - A product of cultural influences' coperstrings, My journal, viewed 29 September, 2011, http://journals.copperstrings.com/Eating-Habits---A-product-of-cultural-influences>)

further he mentions below lines

Good Eating Habits - A moderate Approach

The ill effects of not eating properly are for all to see. Much research has been going on to understand the physiological and psychological aspects of eating disorders. What are the ways good food can be made tasty are matters that are taken up by most of the creative minds in the food industry. A large number of diet snacks, low calorie sweets, sugar substitutes like sugar-free are available so that people can eat their favourite food and not pay a price for it.

Even cola manufacturers are getting their act together and those who cannot do with their bottle of cola, there is 'diet coke' to choose from. Fruit drinks have also undergone a sea change and options are buttermilk are also sold by manufacturing giants as Amul. Therefore there are a lot of products that are in synchronization with the whole mantra of health and fitness. At the end of it all it must be said that all things are beneficial only if utilized in moderation. As any economist will have to say, optimal utilization of resources yield the highest returns. So also in this case.

Cutting out oil or protein or carbohydrate totally from one's diet may again not be a good idea. In fact abstinence from all kinds of junk food may have severe psychological consequences and one may be always thinking about food. There are models who crave for chocolates, yet need to refrain from it as they may gain weight. So often they chew the chocolate and instead of swallowing it, they spit it out. Such episodes are frightening to say the least.



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