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Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

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Essay Preview: Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

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Year 10 EAL[pic 1]

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

Task: As you read the novel “Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time”, complete the table. As you are completing the table, you need to answer the chapter questions also.  


Plot Summary


2 – 43 (p. 1 -30)


Christopher is a 15 years old boy with behaviour issues. He sees the dead dog and tries to find who the murderer is.


Ms Siobhan shows him different kinds of emotions, but he can only understand ‘sad’ and ‘happy’.


Christopher pulls the fork out of the dog and hugged him. Mrs Shears shouts at him for his action.


Siobhan wants Christopher to write something to read himself. He talks about different kinds of books and describes how Siobhan and Mr. Jeavons look like and smell like.


The police ask Christopher lots of question about the dead dog and asks them too quick. He can’t not hear anything like the radio against his ears.


He explains why there is no jokes in his book.


The policeman arrests him in the police car because of his monkey-business. In the car, he thinks about the universe.


He explains how to identify the prime numbers in whole numbers in the world, how people use it in real life, why he likes prime numbers.


Christopher is taken to the police station and the police ask some question about him. He has father and mother was dead. He decides a plan to escape from police cell.


He talks about metaphors and how it is in his name.


Christopher’s dad meets him at the police station. The dad wants Christopher to tell the lies that is an accident when he hit the police.


He tries to say that he is not a good person because he can’t tell lies. That is simply because he can’t tell lies.


Christopher’s dad wants Chris to stop caring about the dead dog. However, Chris doesn’t give up, he thinks dogs are important and wants to find who is the murderer.


Christopher thinks about the day his mother died in the hospital, but his father tells lie that she just needs a rest.


  1. Make 3-5 observations about Christopher Boone:
  • Christopher Boone is a 15 years old boy with behaviour problems.
  • He can’t identify human emotions.
  • He loves dogs because their emotions are easy to understand.
  • Christopher has an exceptional memory
  1. List 3-5 key quotes used in these chapters, explaining who said them and why.
  • “I pulled the fork out of the dog and lifted him into my arms and hugged him.” (p. 4)

Explanation: Christopher says this to show that he has mental behaviour issues.

  • “[Then] She drew some other pictures [4 smiley] but I was unable to say what these meant.” (p. 2)

Explanation: He says this to show that he is not able to understand human emotions except for sad and happy.

  • “Let go of the fucking dog for Christ’s sake.” (p. 4)

Explanation: Mr Shears is angry with his action, touching and hugging the dead dog.

  • “I know all countries of the world and their capital cities and every prime number up to 7,507.” (p. 2)

Explanation: Christopher says this to show that he has a brilliant memory.

47 – 67 (p.31 – 55)

  1. What key plot turns occurred? Summarise the plot in detail.
  2. Find 3-5 quotes from the novel that support the interpretation of this novel being a mystery detective novel.

71 – 89 (p.56 – 68)

  1. List and describe what Christopher considers to be his ‘Behavioural Problems’
  2. How does Christopher view ‘Special Needs’, both for himself and others?

97 – 137 (p.69 – 110)

  1. In 5-7 dot points summarise everything Christopher knows about his mother, up to this stage in the text.
  2. In 4-6 dot points, add any additional information the audience may have deduced, or that you suspect about Mrs. Boone.

Up to chapter 157

  1. In 3-4 sentences, explain Christopher’s style of narration – how he tells the story. What sort of vocabulary does he use, sentence structure, how does he tell stories? Etc.
  2. Christopher has just found the letters addressed to himself from his mother. How does Christopher react? What is his emotional reaction?

Up to chapter 179

  1. In Chapter 157, after reading his mother’s letters, Christopher realises his father has lied to him. What is Christopher’s reaction to this realisation and his father’s confession? What happens to him physically? How does he react emotionally and is this usual behaviour for Christopher?
  2. What does this chapter say about Ed’s perspective on Truth? Is truth more important than feelings?
  3. Contrast this to Christopher’s perspective on truth and lies.
  4. Find ten quotes throughout the entire novel that highlight the theme of truth.
  5. Explain who said these quotes and why, and reference them.

183 - 211

223 - 233



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