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Data and Observation

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Data and Observation[pic 1]

By: Sanaa Edole

My first observation is how the eggs looked before their egg shells disintegrated:

[pic 2]

This is ten minutes after, the vinegar was poured from the measuring cups into the clear cups containing the eggs.  The eggs were covered in bubble from the vinegar reacting to the calcium carbonate, then they started to float. The apple cider vinegar started floating first:

[pic 3]

Then another ten minutes later, the eggs looked like this, they were still covered in bubbles but the red wine vinegar had the most foam floating at the top, also the eggs were still floating:

After leaving the eggs to sit for 20 hours, they were soft and did feel hard like they did before the experiment, and they were at the bottom of the cups instead of floating.  [pic 4]

[pic 5]

Then, I compared the eggs to what they looked like before being put into the vinegar. All the eggs look a lot bigger than the egg with its shell on, but the white egg with no eggshell wasn’t much bigger than the egg with a shell and the only egg that had no eggshell left on it was red wine vinegar, the apple cider vinegar had a lot of tiny particles on it ,while the white vinegar had a big hard spot were a lot of shell that was left over:

[pic 6][pic 7][pic 8]

Test #2[pic 9]

About 20 minutes after I put the second set of eggs in their cups with their vinegar they looked mostly the same as the first set I put in, they had also started to float:

[pic 10]

Another 20 minutes later there wasn’t much change, since the process was slowing down and the red wine vinegar still had the most foam floating on the surface of the vinegar:

[pic 11][pic 12][pic 13]

Then I left them to sit for 20 hours also like the first test they felt soft on the outside just like the eggs in the first test:

[pic 14]

Finally, I took them out and compared them to each other, the apple cider still had some shell, the red wine vinegar had almost no shell left, and the white vinegar’s egg still had a good bit of shell still left on it:

[pic 15]

Test #3[pic 16]

The first 20 minutes the 3rd test the eggs looked like how the eggs in the first and second test looked like during the first 10 or 20 minutes:

[pic 17][pic 18][pic 19]

The next 20 minutes the eggs started to get much more bubbles surrounding them and the red wine vinegar still had the most foam on the top:



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