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Benefits of Virtual Data Center

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Essay Preview: Benefits of Virtual Data Center

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Benefits of Virtual Data Center

A virtualized datacenter help your business to be more consistent, easy to be managed, and best of all implement a faster Disaster Recovery.

Kelly, L. (2006) stated that as companies grow they will need more computing capacity, having a virtual infrastructure helps maximize resources while minimizing the total cost of ownership. For example, PC users may be allocated a virtual storage area that appears as if it were a local disk, but is in fact simply a partition on a central storage infrastructure, which allows better control and management of data across an organization.

First of all I will like to define data center; a data center is a place where most vulnerable equipment are kept. It is a physical place that houses a computer network's most critical systems, including backup's air conditioning, and security systems. A typical example of a company that has a data center is a bank or other kind of financial institution. A bank's data center will have a servers and other kind of computer network equipment, on which customers' account information and other data are stored. "Datacenters consume a large amount of electricity. A recent report by the EPA states that datacenters in the U.S. consume 4.5 billion kWh annually, 1.5% of the country's total. I perhaps more importantly this figure doubled from 2000 to 2006, and if trends continue, this will double again in the next few years".

In today's world, most of the computing resources are not utilized efficiently. In order to get the most from such underutilized resources, Virtualization has become one of the key players. Underutilization is so usual because computers are very powerful; even an inexpensive computer running a typical Web application is only about 5% utilized. By moving to fewer physical servers but a larger number of virtualized servers, enterprises can make their operations easier, lower the costs of power and cooling, and reduce the size of their datacenters. Having several Operating Systems makes it easier to combine existing environments. Through Virtualization, we can make one computer appear to be multiple systems, thus allowing it to host multiple services. This saves money for the enterprises by allowing them to utilize their existing resources efficiently and make the most of their new investments in servers. As our friend Kelly, L. (2006) said, "Virtualization is about maximizing computer capacity to cut costs and support changing environments by pooling IT resources. It provides a logical rather than a physical view of data, computing power, storage capacity, and other resources."

Organizations are finding virtualization valuable as a way to improve IT management. As Virtualization allows for more flexible management of resources, it improves the IT management. In



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