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Data of Interview Operational Manager of Wiwi's Cake

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Essay Preview: Data of Interview Operational Manager of Wiwi's Cake

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Data of Interview Operational Manager of Wiwi's Cake

We have been interviewed operational manager of Wiwi's cake. Wiwi's cake is little scale business that makes and sells many kinds of cake. It is located in sectore nine, Bintaro.

Name of company : Wiwi's cake

Owner : Mr. Hidayat

Operational Manager : Mrs. Wiwi

Interviewer : Marina S. and Selvyana Y.A.

Writer : Selvyana Y.A.

Questions and Answers

~ What is your role or goal as operational manager in this business?

My main role as operational manager in this business are increase the productivity, controll the quality not only the product, but also in services and supervise process of make the product.

~ What do you do in process of make product and good services to customers?

In process of product making, we always use the best ingredients. We do this to control the quality of product its self, or at least to keep the product in same quality. In services, we always try to giving the best services to the customers, and control our quality is one of our ways to give good services. However, we also give our best service in store, finish our job--make cake, exactly--on time, and deliver the cakes order on time, too.

~ How about the competitors? What do you do to threat the competitors?

Actually, we have a special team under operational managerial that have special job to make special new receipts or just make the cake different with the others.

~ How about your own activity to reach your goal as the operational manager?

Personally, I have to supervise the process of product making, choose the best ingredients, the service process, and supervise the taste. For example, this morning, we are going to make banana cake, maybe four days ago, I should have to decided the best flour and bananas that should we use tomorrow. After finish make the cake--delivery process--I should make sure that the taste is good enough to sell.

~ What kind of problem that you face as operational manager?

So far, the problem that I face as operational manager is when the productivity decrease. Because it gives effect of profit that we get that day.

~ What factor that can decrease productivity?

Many factors can give effect to productivity, such as when the ingredients late, and people who make the product is decrease. When the ingredients are late, we have to make the cake with remainder ingredient. For example, we have planning to make 50 cakes with 5 kilograms flour, and the reminder flour is 2 kilograms, we just can make the cake with 2 kilograms. It will be change the cost if we buy 3 kilograms from retailer. In other hand, we could not make 50 cakes with 2 kilograms flour, because it can make the quality decrease. When the people who make the cake are decrease, we will work slowly; exactly the cake will finish late. Hire other person will give another



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