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Strategic Operation Management

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The supermarket retailing industry has turned extremely competitive in the United Kingdom. In contract to other developed regions, this market still shows latent growth chances. However, it is necessary to announce that chances are available for region retailers who are pleasure to product good value for consumers at rivaling prices. As a region retailer, Morrions has become one of the fourth largest chains of supermarkets in the UK such as Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's. In 2004, by acquiring Safeway supermarkets, Morrisons is a UK company engaged in the business of food and grocery retailing with 425 superstores across the UK, an additional ₤400M of annual turnover (2009).

The essential quality aspects of Morrisons operations are the management quality for product and service. Following EU legislation, the food retailer as Morrisons has applied the regulations and standard about its products to conform customer demand. Example of Competition Commission and Food Standards Act 1999, The Euro Food Standard Agency and The Food Standards Agency...The food specialists always evaluate positively its food quality. Morrisons owns its meat slaughterhouse, its bakeries with own bakers, its pie and sausage factory. With 100% British meat, regional milk butchers from farm close to store. The own brand label's products are as well as fame, brands sourced form around the world. Food is fresher because it comes in faster with no in storehouse and no intermediary. Of course, other products such as dried foods, bakery, house goods, baby goods and entertainment goods have standard. Besides products, the essential quality of Morrisons also depends on the management quality of customer service. Morrisons is a retailer without a strong internet shopping network compare to Tesco, Asda and Sainburys. Therefore, it is inconvenient when the store wants to introduce new product line. The service after sales is not good such as the checkout section, packing and car parking. In holidays and weekends, the waiting is impossible to be avoided. The store should be aware of number of trolleys to provide full buyers, the checkout staffs need to be trained professional and customer need to be helped packing goods more convenient. The car parking also needs to be expanded for demand.



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