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Why Is Operations Management Important in Cds?

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Essay Preview: Why Is Operations Management Important in Cds?

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Question: Why is operations management important in CDS?

Answer: Reason of existence of any organization is its production ability, service providing ability. When an organization is producing or providing services, a certain amount of operations are being taken place to enable the organization to fulfill their task. Managing those operations is known as operational management. Coming towards CDS, it is an integrated services provider. Numbers of different units are working under the roof of this organization. With reference to the case study, we came across the operations of planning and services, manufacturing, and design house partnership.

CDS is one of the most profitable home ware companies in Europe. Initially company was making industrials moulding for aerospace sector, and then it moved to producing cheap house ware items like dustpans and buckets under the brand name of "FOCUS". Over the past few years they have been designing, production and distributing for other leading design houses of Europe.

From the above, we came across the fact the there are number of operations taking place in CDS. As we known that an organization has a vision and mission statement to give an organization a direction, after that company managers device strategies to achieve those goals written in the mission statement. Every unit or department in the organization work coherently to achieve the results that are desired. And it is only possible if all the operations are managed properly.

Now we individually discuss the importance of operational management in the three main operational units in CDS:

Design House Partnership: Over the past few years, CDS have been designing for some of the most prestigious design houses of Europe. Not only they are designing they are also manufacturing and distributing for those design houses. The first part is designing; CDS designers and designers of the famous design houses work together. For this, some sort of mechanism is necessary to collect them on one platform. Furthermore, operational management is necessary to produce innovative and unique designs. Collecting the client side designers and CDS designers on one platform will enable the both sides to give their respective input on the designs. Expertise of both sides will enable them to produce unique and improved quality output.

Manufacturing Operations: The manufacturing department of CDS consists of large injection moulding machines with robotic material handling capabilities. More modern products have complex production process with long route in the production process and multi moulding procedures. In this process the most important thing is not to compromise he quality of the product and achieve the economies of scale. With reference to the case study, Grant William, CDS operation manager, says that when they started the higher margin concept



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