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Devour Its Own Children

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Paragraph Responses:

1) How did the Cultural Revolution "devour its own children"?

The Cultural Revolution made it impossible to have a private life after the immense hours of work. Instead "there were endless mind-numbing meetings" that only focussed upon Mao's work. The young people are indoctrinated by constantly being exposed to the 'Mao Thought Propaganda'. They were "herded into numerous violent denunciation rallies" against 'capitalist roaders' and any other enemy appointed by the Party members. Therefore as a result "public brutality became an inescapable part of everyday life".

2) What methods of social control were used during this period?

Firstly with the outbreak of violence and public denunciations, people were afraid of the consequences of going against the Cultural Revolution. The threat of being tortured and humiliated by the Red Guard was enough to cause panic among the opposition. Red Guard Organisations had the sole purpose of dishonouring accused enemies to Chairman Mao. Liu Shaoqi and Deng Xiaoping were presented as 'spearheads of the erroneous line', who were during those organisations violently condemned by the rallied people.

Additionally the focus of the Cultural Revolution was on the young people of China. Therefore the Party made sure that they were indoctrinated by the ideals of the Cultural Revolution. Through heavy use of targeted Propaganda, the party constantly reminded them of 'Mao's Thought Propaganda' they penetrated even the young people's private life to ensure absolute control over the young masses.

3) To what extent was the Cultural Revolution?

Prior to the Cultural Revolution Chairman Mao believed that the Party's direction was not following his communist philosophies correctly. Seeing Lin Bao, Liu Shaoqi and Deng Xiaoping as a threat towards his ideals, Mao accused those three influential Party Members of leading China on a "capitalist road to ruin". Ultimately Chairman Mao reached his goal in removing Bao, Shaoqi and Xianoping respectively from their position in the party, however this was achieved through a very radical way. Not only did Mao see his ideology restored among the Party and the public, he also found a way to control the young masses. Ultimately Chairman Mao restored his position among the Party and ensured his control across China.



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