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Dinosaur Adventure

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Suddenly the glittering golden eyes of a Dinosaur came out of know where. This dinosaur was as lazy as a pig and he woke up 12 o'clock in the morning. The Dinosaur name was Dino and he was very intelligent because he was good at making things. When he was small and was still in his egg he opened it very intelligently by not breaking the egg shell. After that he invented the rock bed so that his sisters could sleep in the night without his mother going out of the bed. Next he invented the grill stove for Mrs Parasaur for cooking because she love to cook all day and it was made from big stones and hot burning lava rocks. They were put under the stove and so the heat can go upwards and the heat made the food cook. After that he past University and done the HSC with high marks. Later he made a workshop so he could build things and he decides to make a castle war around his village so he could defend villagers from enemy's attacks. Also he made weapons like cannons and swords. Next he made a waking up bed for Mr Binosaur because he was always late for work and it was made of wood and a glove and a clock. Towards the end he made a shower for Mr Cinosaur because he always worked so he needed a warm shower. The hot water was taken out of the hot steamy river and the cold water was taken out of the cold river.

Consequently everyone was so happy of Dino's inventions and Dino was so happy to help dinosaurs. Dino was a happy and safe dinosaur.



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