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Director - Foreign Liasion

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Head of Foreign liasion Dep.Bcos TE has a major impact on business, it effects the business prospect, cut down the profits and force management to change the courese of business operations. Any change in technology changes the work culture, the methods and the systems. It effect the speed of operation and give the boost of productivity of the production systems. Technological factors represents major opportunities and threats that must taken into account while formulating strategies. Technological breakthroughs can dramatically influence the organization's products services markets, suppliers, distributors, competitor, customers, manufacturing processes, marketing practices, and a competitive position. Technological advancements an open up new markets, result in proliferation of new and improved products change the relative cost position in an industry and render existing products and services obsolete. Technological changes can reduce or eliminate cost barriers between businesses create shorter production runs, create shortages in technical skills ad result in changing values and expectations of customers and employees. Technological advancements can create new competitive advantages that are more powerful than existing ones.

Micro Environmental FactorsThese are internal factors close to the company that have a direct impact on the organisations strategy. These factors include:

Customers Organisations survive on the basis of meeting the needs, wants and providing benefits for their customers. Failure to do so will result in a failed business strategy.

EmployeesEmploying the correct staff and keeping these staff motivated is an essential part of the strategic planning process of an organisation. Training and development plays an essential role particular in service sector marketing in-order to gain a competitive edge. This is clearly apparent in the airline industry.

SuppliersIncrease in raw material prices will have a knock on affect on the marketing mix strategy of an organisation. Prices may be forced up as a result. Closer supplier relationships is one way of ensuring competitive and quality products for an organisation.

ShareholdersAs organisation require greater inward investment for growth they face increasing pressure to move from private ownership to public. However this movement unleashes the forces of shareholder pressure on the strategy of organisations. Satisfying shareholder needs may result in a change in tactics employed by an organisation. Many internet companies who share prices rocketed in 1999 and early 2000 have seen the share price tumble as they face pressures from shareholders to turn in a profit. In a market which has very quickly become overcrowded many havel failed.

MediaPositive or adverse media attention on an organisations product or service can in some cases make or break an organisation.. Consumer programmes with a wider and more direct audience can also



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