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Foreign Film

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Maurico Farias was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in 1960 he is the son of director Robert Farias , brother to Mauro Farias, and Lu Farias, Nephew of Reginaldo Farias, Riva Farias and Rogerio Farias and cousin of actor Marceio Farias and director Regis Farias. (IMBD.com). Maurico also have (4) Children Antonio, Francisco, Rosa, and Jose.

The film Veronica captured my attention from the beginning the film was pretty easy to follow. Veronica was a school teacher for twenty years, she seem to be frustrated with her somewhat unmanageable students. Veronica a divorcee with no children of her own display true maternal quality, she was willing to go on the run with one of her students whose parents were killed while he was at school. Veronica had a lot on her plate prior to undertaking this responsibility to care for Leanardo.

Leanardo's parents were killed by a drug association deal by the local police, Ironically Veronica's ex-husband was apart of the killing, naturally going to the police for help wasn't an option since they were after Leanardo, who had the proof of the corruption in the police department.

Drug dealing and police corruption happens everywhere more often than we would like to think. This film highlighted the corruption in the police department. It is the responsibility of teachers to protect students; they are to be conscious of possible abuse and neglect that may be happening to the students outside of the classroom. What kind of society do we have when our educators are unable to report to the authorities the endangerment of our children?

I wonder how often this type of incidents happens in "real life" in Brazil. How many complaints are made about police corruption and what are the repercussions of such complaints. In New York City we have the Civilian Complaint Review Board, who would investigate these types of complaints; this can serve as a deterrent of police corruption to some degree. It would be nice to know if such an agency exists in Brazil.

Maurico Farias brought to life a very entertaining and touching film in an action pack independent foreign film in 109 minutes.





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