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Discrimination in Hiring

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Essay Preview: Discrimination in Hiring

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On the other hand, Ron has made a firm ground to support Paul to be employed by the senior management of the company. However, he is not encouraged to argue with the management over this subject with his subjective and over optimistic attitude. Since the foundation customers of the company are those from Deep South, it becomes more practical to consider of their conservative sensitivity in homosexual issue. The company might lose some of the customers if they do not handle this problem in a correct way. Instead of focusing his attention to Paul, he should try to look out for another compatible candidate who can perform progressively as well. The continuous disagreement with Sam, Patrick and Martin will only affect the reputation and the good working philosophy of the company.

Nevertheless, I strongly disagree to the statement that not to hire Paul is an ethical decision. From the unethical acts shown by the senior management, it is very obvious that discrimination has occurred. Furthermore, the assumption of the homosexuality of Paul is unreasonable in the process of hiring. To exhibit prejudice because a person is HIV affected, though that person presents no risk, is irrational and morally wrong. Another form of unethical act to stereotyping the sexual orientation of Paul is not tolerable as well in the context of business.


In addition, the power abusive issue has also taken place in this issue. Sam and Martin have showed their unethical attitude by using their influence in the company to threaten Ron for not hiring Paul. This act is absolutely undesirable and it is not supposed to happen in a rapid growing company like Greenway Environmental Technologies. As the consequence, Ron started to get suspicion about his career prospect and his scopes of authority in the company.

As a responsible employer you want to recruit an effective high-quality workforce. This will mean recruiting on the basis of ability rather than discriminating against the best candidates for unacceptable reasons. It will also mean retaining good employees and ensuring they do not leave as a result of prejudice or discrimination experienced in the workplace.

people living with HIV are able and entitled to work just like anyone else. You need to obey the law in your recruitment process, dealing with people fairly and without discrimination. You also need to appoint the best person for the job, and that person could well be someone living with HIV.

Your recruitment process has to take account of such concerns and sensitivities. This affects not only the questions you ask job applicants but also how you handle and respond to any information provided about someone’s disability or Hiv status.



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