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Discussion About Sex Education in America

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Essay Preview: Discussion About Sex Education in America

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Discussion about sex education in America

Sex education in the USA has changed a lot through the years. Now in America they disagree on how it’s supposed, to be presented to the kids and what’s appropriate and not appropriate. In fact there’s no required standard for sex education in America. However, there are only 22 states mandates to the kids receives it and only 13 states require that the information presented be medically. I find that really dumb, because kids have to know how to be protected, when they one day are going to have sex. On the other hand in Mississippi where you can talk about it you cannot demonstrate with a condom.

The pro I find interesting about sexual education in America is how some states choose to leave the conversation to the parents. That’s because sometimes the school can overstep the pupil’s boundaries.

The con’s I find important are how they pressure teenagers to not being sexually active and how they should be absent. Abstinence in America is a very important word! Many adults want teenagers to wait until marriage and be absent from sex. What they don’t understand is that it’s especially in America, where the teens are pressured to have sex by the society.

Teenagers are pressured to have sex for example in prom night or just in general. Secondly that only 22 states mandate to the kids receiving sex education, it’s ridiculous. So it depends on where you live, some states doesn’t even require having sex education in schools.

Overall I don’t think they need to pressure the subject as much as they do in the US, because we kids don’t take it so serious and I remember my sexual education in the classroom, everyone laughed and had a great time actually, putting condoms on bananas and other fun stuff. I also got to know what sex were and how to do it, when I were a child, so neither my parent nor the school got to tell me first, but that’s just an example on how they shouldn’t pressure it too much.



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