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Sex Education and Children

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Essay Preview: Sex Education and Children

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Teaching children about sex and sexuality can be a difficult task. Who should the responsibility fall upon to inform are children about sex? It's a difficult topic to go over with your kids and parents choose to do this in different ways. Some avoid the conversation all together and just rely on the schools to teach them in sexual education. Others inform their kids about sex and safe sex and also rely on being taught sexual education at school. Some even avoid the conversation and the school all together. Some would argue one way is better than another. The responsibility falls on more than just one individual it should be no single person task.

Hands down the responsibility falls on Parents, and the schools. From personal experience I can say that two or three point of views can be much better than one. See one person's way of talking about it might not be as helpful as another's. Or in general you might think that you need to hear it from more than just one person to get different perspectives on the subject. If you get the information taught to you from more than one source chances are that you will get a broader look on sex and be more informed. When growing up my parents didn't really talk about sex too much. I can't recall one time when they actually spoke about it. I believe that they didn't talk about it because they figured that I was being taught it in 6th grade with everyone else so they didn't feel as if there was a need to go over it and this was somewhat of a bummer because instead of getting it from two sources I got it from just one. I believe that two perspectives on the issue would have way more beneficial to me. I remember there was a girl at my school that really didn't ever talk about sex with her parents or the school. She was excluded from the course at school at her mother's wishes. So when we all learned sex education this female was sent to another classroom. It didn't seem like a big deal at the time but what happened down the line must have had something to do with her inability to get the information. In the 9th grade this girl became pregnant and left school. I never really thought that it had a correlation to the sex class but after thinking about it I came to the realization that this girl probably got pregnant so early because she didn't inquire the information beforehand. This increased her risk for sexually transmitted diseases and getting pregnant. To this day I still wonder what happened to this girl because I never really saw her again. I believe that if she was taught sex ed by her parents or by the school she probably would have not been in the predicament that she was in.

I think there are advantages that come with teaching kids about sex at school and by the parents. Getting taught in school helps parents out because it does some of the teaching for them. Even thought they should be mainly responsible for their kids knowing about sex it helps when an outside source from the home helps the parents. I know when I went to school sexual education was very helpful. I learned about lots of things including safe sex and sexually transmitted diseases. Since this day I can remember what I learned in 6th grade because it was always a great class. We learned it in a very fun way. If I wouldn't have got that information I believe that I wouldn't have been as knowledgeable which could have put me at a higher risk to either getting a girl pregnant early or getting a sexually transmitted disease. When you're getting taught sex education in school you're getting taught with all your peers so it can be a good experience I would say. Instead of being nervous with your parents going over things you will be informed in more of a confortable way. Sometimes speaking to your parents can be a weird or funny feeling. Who wants to talk about



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