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Divorce or Not

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Divorce or not

When I was in high school, my mom often told me that keep separation with my grandmother because of my step-grandmother. From my personal perspective, I believed how a rigorous person my step-grandmother is and I was afraid of the “step” relationship that caused by divorced. However, as time goes by, the mind about divorce has been changed because my step- grandmother is very kind person and my mom did this for protecting me. It a way to take care of me. Therefore, divorce family are not what I thought before. Furthermore, in China, people who divorce has been seen as dishonor, especially to women. Therefore, most people won’t get divorce because they don’t want to be seen differently in the past. However, the opinion about divorce has been changed in China. Divorce is a better option for children when the marriage is in high conflict.

Firstly, divorce is better than broken marriage for kids. Children can still have their youth and happiness with stepfamily. On the contrary, living broken family will bring negative affect for child. According to the Children and divorce (2001), written by Masci, D. (2001, January 19), who is a senior writer and editor at Pew Research Center, mentioned that divorce was no longer seen as automatically harmful to kids, Because of the divorce rate rose, the attitudes toward its impact on children began to change nowadays, some observers believed divorce as a potentially beneficial experience for children. It could make your children stronger after divorcing. He also mentions that although there’s no doubt that divorce could be hard time for children, it’s still much better than raising children under a violent, abusive, angry, or deeply resentful marriage. So that’s one reason that divorce is better option for children when their family are broken.

Another important reasons are due to state protection law, child would get protection though this hard time from state and local government helps. Because of this law, child would get less hurt than living broken family. Masci, D (2001, January 19), also mentioned elementary and middle school children whose parents are going through a divorce are required to attend a class to help them deal with the separation and help to take care of their children. They list four parts to educate child and parents that is understanding the divorce, strategic withdrawal, dealing with loss, accepting the permanence of divorce. Moreover, their parents must also go to counseling before the state will allow them a divorce. Several states have similar requirements, Florida and Arizona among them. Under state and local government protected, children get less hunt than broken family; therefore, divorce is better option for children when their family are broken.

Furthermore, According Naomi Richards,



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