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Don't You Forget About Me Gossip Girl

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Essay Preview: Don't You Forget About Me Gossip Girl

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Cecily von Ziegesar's series, Gossip Girl, includes Don't You Forget About Me. This is the eleventh and probably best book in the series. This book has the affect of gossip, it draws you in and it's very hard to put down. The book is a must read. I would recommend that all girls in high school read it. It may contain content that isn't for the younger girls. The girls in the book deal with situations that you could learn from. Reading this book may help you in making the right decision from their experiences. Reading this book is worth it. The book is written from a third person point of view. There are five main characters, but really only three are important. Those three are, Serena, Nate, and Blair. Both girls are desperately in love with Nate and he is torn between the two. The characters really affect your opinion of the book by somehow making you understand what they're going through. You feel their pain, their sorrow, and their joy. This really just makes you like the book all the more. When they are all off to college but suddenly Serena and Nate have other plans, Blair is devastated and will bring the drama we all know and somewhat love. The conflicts in the book are mainly between Blair and Serena. Therefore they are man to man conflicts or female to female conflicts. They are fighting over Nate's love. They get into multiple heated word arguments. Blair and Nate also have some conflicts. When Nate breaks some sad news to Blair, she whips her expensive high heeled shoe at him. Many conflicts in this book are very enjoyable to read about. The setting is in New York City. This hectic and chaotic place is home to these rich characters. The setting helps you enjoy the book because you'll find that in the midst of all the chaos, there is love and happiness. The book has many themes I believe that many would enjoy this book if only they'd open the cover. You'll find something to relate to Blair, Nate, and Serena. Learning from the characters could be a lesson that they don't teach you in school.



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