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Story Is About a Girl

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This story is about a girl that is writing a story in school about butterflies. She lives with her grandparents. Every day when she's on her way to school her grandparents tells her to be nice and listen to her teacher. But one day when the little girl comes home her grandmother asks if she has been writing her story and if her teacher liked. The girl said that she had been writing it and that her story was about butterflies, that she had killed all the butterflies. But she didn't know if her teacher liked it because she had said that butterflies are beautiful creatures, they visit all the pretty flowers and that you don't kill butterflies. Her grandparents were silent for a while. Then her grandfather said; because you see, your teacher buys all her cabbages from the supermarket.

This little story is all about people that don't grow their own food, for example like vegetables, they doesn't know how much animals, like butterflies, can destroy so much. For them it's just beautiful things, flying around and sitting on flowers.

One thing I believe is that the little girl gets very confused. Her grandparent tells her to listen to her teacher and then doesn't her teacher know so much about how butterflies can make some peoples life hard.

I notice that it was almost like you were forced to guess what happened in the story because the languages felt a bit short and old, if you can say it like that. The words didn't give that much information as you wanted to have, but it went well to read it anyway.



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