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Eco-Map of Self

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"Ecological systems emphases on the adaptive mechanisms by which social equilibrium

is maintained, seeing these as an inevitable basis for social existence." (Becker, 1981) In this

paper I will discuss the agents of socialization that have impacted my life starting with the

microsystem and mesosystem. The microsystem is the smallest context directly experienced by

an individual consisting of bi-directional relationships between the developing person and

important figures such as primary caregivers, family members, friends, classmates and teachers.

The mesosystem closely relates to this because it is concerned with the interaction between

various settings within the microsystem, it is formed whenever the developing person moves into

a new setting such as home and school, neighborhood, etc.

I was born and raised in NYC in a two-parent household. My parents had a major

influence in my life because I had a strict upbringing. Lots of chores had to be done which

taught me the importance of hardwork. My parents taught me a lot about morals, values and

principles and stressed that a man has to have those to succeed in life. My family extends all

across the US and I visited often and in each state lies a different way of living especially down

south. When I transferred schools to live in Florida, my classmates and teachers thought I talked,

walked and acted weird because I had a New York accent but it was really that I was different

and they didn't know or wasn't prepared to accept such behavior. This taught me to be strong

and adaptive to any type of environment and transformed me into a well-rounded individual.

The exosystem, which are one or more social sttings or organizations beyond the

individual's immediate experience that nevertheless affects him or her. In my case the MTA

would be a prime example of a component of the exosystem. Growing up in New York City you

learn how to take public transportation at an early age. This cuts down on gas, tickets, and

depleting the ozone layer with car exhaust fumes. Still to this day I utilize the bus and train to go




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