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Eco Park Visit

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Essay Preview: Eco Park Visit

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ESL 203 Eco Park Visit

Use your notes from the lecture you heard at the Eco Park by Education Manager Stephanie Hanna to answer the following questions.

* What is one of the goals of the Eco Park?

The priority is to teach children about environment and nature.

* Programs at the Eco Park used to be called Environmental Education, but now they are called Education for Sustainability. What is the difference between the two?

Environment Education has the only one purpose of teaching people about Environment. The Environment Sustainability include bigger goal to help people realize the importance of Environment and how to protect, develop environment.

* True False History: Previously, they thought it would be a great idea to combine the nature center and the zoo and that the two together could be even better.

* When did the zoo close?


* When was the Eco Park built?

* How is the Eco Park an environmentally friendly building? Circle all that apply.

a. automatic water faucets use less water

b. solar power used for electricity

c. many large windows reduces need for electricity

d. recycled stone used

* True False The Eco Park has a small paid staff and a small number of volunteers.

* Why did the Eco Park Board of Directors decide to close the zoo?

Save city investment and some people think that is good idea.

* The New Plan for the Eco Park will include many interactive play areas such as a Wild Water area. What are 4-5 other parts of the new plan? Coffee area, farm, sand area, outdoor activity,climbing place.

* Research has shown that playing outside has many benefits for children.

Circle the increase (↑) or decrease (↓) for the following:

↑ ↓ ability to learn

↑ ↓ emotional disability

↑ ↓ childhood obesity

↑ ↓ eco-literacy

Extra Credit

* Some people are upset that the zoo is closed. Some people are happy that the zoo is closed.

I think we need to have a zoo there. Some people concern that 's not enough space and dirty people, but they don't realize the insightful benefit for children and the city.



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