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Economics, Business and Leadership

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Essay Preview: Economics, Business and Leadership

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Leadership is a great virtue of human beings. It is essential in every sphere of life. No family, no society or no nation can organize or function without a leader. There is no alternative to a true leadership. Leadership training can help a man to reach a goal. It can also materialize my dream and can help to reach my goal.

I like to set myself to a challenging position where leadership is essential. For this reason, I like to gain the quality of leadership. Leadership training can be acquired by any kind of leading activities. As for example, my father does his service in a foreign country. He hardly visits our family. I am the eldest offspring of the family. My brother and sister are too small to perform any social responsibility. My mother is physically unfit to carry out some odd jobs. As a result it is my moral duty to tackle the family affairs. In this field by the grace of almighty I'm rendering my duty sincerely and honestly. I think this leading position will help me to would my career later.

No company, no organization or no institution can go well without a true leader. I like to lead my place to reach and touch the excellence of my goal and my institution. For this great mission, I undoubtedly declare that leadership training can help me reach the goal that I have set for myself.

Bangladesh is a development country. In this country there are many kinds of unpleasant customs. Dowry is the most common unpleasant custom of those. It creates many problems. It is against the success of our country.

Through this custom the bride has to give a large amount of money, furniture, ornaments and many things to the bridegroom. It is a very terrible situation for the society. Women & their family suffer a lot for this dowry system.

I think poverty, illiteracy, narrow mentality, negative attitude to the women, dependence on husband and living on their income, social corruption etc are the main cause of dowry. Some time bridegroom wants money to do business or want to make his life settle with that money. In the village if brides are not beautiful to look at or if they get late married then they are to give a lot of money as dowry to the bridegroom.

It is a much unexpected situation for the bride's family members. They are to collect a huge amount of money for their daughters' or sisters' marriage. Sometime they are to take loan, sell their lands, furniture, ornaments and even their own house to collect the money. They are to lose many things and face many problems for this dowry system.

We saw that women are tortured when they can not give any money to their husband. Some time we hear and see in the newspaper that some women are killed, some are hung and some are burnt by their husband, in-law's family members and others.

For this dowry system divorce, doing suicide, mental and physical tortures, number of



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