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Effects of online Advertising Than the Print

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Essay Preview: Effects of online Advertising Than the Print

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Southern Luzon State University

College of Arts and Sciences

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Lucban, Quezon

A.Y. 2011-2012

"Efficiency and Effectiveness

of Print Media Advertising. The Rise of Online Advertisements

And it's Impact on Print Media industry."

(Opportunities and Pitfalls of new emerging technologies in Print Media)

A Research Paper in

COMM03 (Print Media: Principles and Practices)

Submitted to:

Mr. Brian Villaverde

Submitted by:

Hernandez, Carl Vincent I.

Macawili, Regine B.

Porillo, Glennald O.


Print Media is said to be one of the most helpful and important ways of communicating. It serves as a medium in which a group of people can communicate and easily understand each other. In the field of marketing, print media has two popular forms, it includes newspapers and magazines. The rise of mass newspaper often called the commercial newspaper is founded in two main reasons:

1.) Operates as a profitable business enterprise by monopolistic concerns and;

2.) Depends easily on product advertising revenue.

A few generations ago, print media is just something in which people, community or any organizations use it to advertise. But today, we recognize it as institution capable of reporting and explaining all the activities relating on the most controversial issues inside our country. As a paramount point in serving the public interest, this gathered the idea that whatever is printed must be true and relevant. People can casts doubt on what they have heard but there is a tendency that they will believe on what they have read.

Background of the study

Before the invention and widespread of the internet, print media was the primary way of promoting a business. Marketing studies have proven over and over again that it takes five to seven times of getting in front of a prospective customer to gain their business. In the past, this required businesses to place multiple print ads in newspapers, magazines and newsletters. It also involves articles published in print media either written by you about your business or containing a quote from you as an expert in the industry. In modern times, there are more options available than print media alone, but print media still plays a vital role in marketing. Being a medium of communication, print media began with the printed books which are a technical device of reproducing a similar range of texts that was extensively copied. Newspapers were more of an innovation than the printed books.

The history of newspaper can be told as a series of struggles, advances, and reverses in a continuous history of economic and technological progress. The dissemination of printed information to the public can be traced back for about 2000 years ago. Until the 20th century come and the modern technology started to emerge.


The primary objective of this term paper is to assess the comparison of the emerging technologies like E-Advertising and its impact on traditional advertising on print media. Apart from other descriptions, this paper also includes the increasing pressure of the newspaper industry in particular to compete in this age of new communication technologies as advertisers moved from print to online. This paper is written in order to show that traditional advertising on forms of flyers, pamphlets, billboards, magazines and newspaper gives a good impact in the advertising industry. On the other side, compared from the rise of E-Advertising which is online shop is its primary example which gives a pressure and huge impact on traditional print media.

This paper will evaluate the impact that traditional and online advertising has played on advertising as well as in consumerism.


The study focuses on the comparison of the traditional print media advertisement and online advertisement which common in print media advertisements or it's rather the similarity from online ads. The study limits from the print media itself through the rise of online advertisement and the related similarities to each of it. The utilization of online advertising maybe discussed at some point. From the print advertisements and its kind, it also scopes the relative data that can be affected from emerging new technology through the rise of online advertisements. Probably, it will also cover the online ads and its impact to the traditional print media advertisements.


Figure 1

Advantages of Print Media Disadvantages of Print Media

1. Range of market coverage 1. Short life span

2. Comparison shopping 2. Clutter

3. Positive consumer attitudes 3. Limited coverage of certain groups

4. Flexibility 4. Product Criteria

5. Interaction of national and local 5. Poor reproduction

The table shows the advantages and disadvantages of print media which is still the number one medium in respect when it comes to advertising. With the advantages, it explains that it can reach to local or regional markets, special interest groups, and racial and ethnic groups in a most efficient manner. When it comes to consumerism, they use newspaper for comparison shopping in order to be useful for advertisers that have products with obvious competitive advantages. Readers generally receive newspaper because consumers can control when and how they read the paper of their choice, they view newspaper ads positively. Newspaper also offers production flexibility like unusual ad sizes, full-color ads, different prices in different areas, and supplements are all newspaper advertising options. And lastly newspaper provides a bridge



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