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Employee Employer Relation - Celsius Company Ltd - Ice-Cream Manufacturer Company

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Essay Preview: Employee Employer Relation - Celsius Company Ltd - Ice-Cream Manufacturer Company

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The below discussion clearly discuss about the operational problems related with an ice cream manufacturer which is located in the India. This module discusses the various issues of the companies' functioning area. Ice-cream Manufacturer Company is named as the Celsius Company (it is not the original name of the company, name is changed for the reputation). The project is focuses the various operational areas of the company and also the operational problem related with the company. Through the analysis and also with the help of theories and models some recommendations are given below.



Celsius company Ltd is an ice cream manufacturer with more than 10 distributers with presence in more than 6 districts in the Kerala state. Company is producing more than 10 verities of ice creams for attracting the various segments in the customers. The major flavours which they distributed are the mixed flavour cones like chocolate vanilla cone, vanilla with mango flavour cone, Pista and strawberry, peanut powdered vanilla etc. All the segmented people are involved in their customer focus, in those children are the major prioritised customers for the company. Celsius company Ltd grabbed the customers heart with cold ice creams during the summer season which very much hot in Kerala. Promotion attractiveness, quality ice creams, and also the attractive packing were the major features of the company (Damearow, 1999). Their product quality made them very famous in the state and lots of distributer approached them directly for getting a franchise operation.

Their operational department faced some issues on 2009. This became a major hit back for the companies operation. They lost their customer value and also the support of customers because of the negligence of their operational department in the quality management. But with some adequate steps they took over their name and also the reputation suddenly without losing their name more. But still also they face some of the customers lose due to the impacts of that issues on the customers.


Company faced some issues due to the negligence of the operational department .On may month of the 2009 ,which is the summer season in Kerala increased the sale of the company due to the hot which reached more than 34 degree. But during the sale one of the customer complaint to the distributer about the presence of some fungus in the ice cream and also the change of taste for the mango flavoured ice cream from their previous version. For a week that complaint was not became an issues but the complaint from more than 30 members in a party made the company to face the court for health and safety issues. This news flied over the sky and the company faced for an inspection team by the company. Through



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