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Riordan Manufacturing Company - Application Architecture and Process Design

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Essay Preview: Riordan Manufacturing Company - Application Architecture and Process Design

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Application Architecture and Process Design

Riordan Manufacturing Company manufactures plastics of all sorts. The company operates out of three companies including one foreign country, China.

Riordan also manufactures products including medical stints, custom plastic parts, heart valves and plastic bottles. Riordan is a multi-billion dollar company, making them an industry leader in the plastic manufacturing business.

Riordan is currently using an older HRIS system that has been in use since the company was founded in 1992. Riordan's HRIS system is not integrated to their other satellite locations, nor is it efficient when needing to file all of their payroll and accounting transactions.

After my team took a complete analysis of Riordan's current HRIS system it was evident that the HRIS needed a complete overhaul and upgrade to modern standards and to also be able to meet all of Riordan's accounting and financial needs. Riordan will need a state-of-the -art HRIS system which will enhance and advance their growth and financial demands.

An analysis report will be reviewed along with the stakeholders to better serve Riordan's financial needs and to also implement and develop a new HRIS system. The new HRIS system will need integrated applications tool, which will allow the products to utilize one master file database which will eliminate redundant data entry. The integration tool will benefit Riordan's new HRIS system and ensure that their payroll and HR department will be sending, inputting data and receiving data all on one system in 3 satellite locations.

The project of implementing the new HRIS system will began by my company and group analyzing the company's needs and their downfall of their old system. The analyst will research and deliver reporting and feedback from users and all of whom will be utilizing the new HRIS system. Interviews and research using the internet and other HRIS colleagues and experts will all be considered during the analysis of the project. After concluding the analysis, the requirements of the system will be gathered by observing Riordan's financial records, data and all other financial documents.

The new HRIS system will deliver and communicate information to all locations through the intranet network which by using the star topology design, all of Riordan's locations will be utilizing the Wide Area Network. This will allow the Finance and the HR department access to needed information and data integrated through the network from either their workstations or their authorized computer devices. Employees will be authorized and given access to files needed to complete their daily work and career tasks. Management will have access to more secure information that only concerns management.



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