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Eng 3 U - Writing to Inform Letter

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Essay Preview: Eng 3 U - Writing to Inform Letter

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Zhu 1

Ethan Zhu

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Thursday April 5th 2018

Writing to Inform

Dear Logbook,                                      Sunday, June 20th 2016

At 8:30 in the morning, I was awakened by the sound of car horns in the

downstairs and the loud noises in the market. I woke up with my friends who came to

visit India. We dressed and started a day in Mumbai, India.

Stepping out of the hotel, we went to a stall that selling egg cakes. The stall

owner was a middle-aged man who looked very kind. We ordered two roasted egg

cakes. He put a layer of oil on a big iron plate and put three eggs on it. On the other

side of the iron plate, he took scissors and cut a few times on the sausage and started

frying. The egg cake was sprinkled with spices, and the sausages were turned and

gestures were very good. After about three minutes, two delicious omelettes were

ready for a total of 42 rupees, because we did not have the change, the stall owner

finally received us 40 rupees. Although a small percentage of Indians do not like the

Chinese people, the most interesting thing to me is to hear an Indian boss selling

clothes say a word to us: No matter who you are, or even Pakistani people, only come

We are here, you are our guest.

After breakfast, we took the bus to the mother of the Indians - Ganges River. The

Zhu 2

traffic conditions along the way were not good, and because of the hot weather, the

stifling atmosphere in the bus mixed with sweat odor made me and my friends a little

bit Heat stroke. After a 40-minute journey, we finally arrived at the Ganges.  A

refreshing cool breeze face to me, It was completely different from the environment in

the bus. The buildings around the Ganges are very old and we can see many Indians

bathe in the Ganges and pray. My friends and I had a visit around the Ganges for a

while. I took a few pictures and went to a nearby little restaurant. Although the store

was not very big, the environment was very good. Most of the dishes on the menu are

vegetarian dishes. My friends and I ordered two portions of curry chicken rice. The



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